T.E. Licensure

Utilize your undergraduate degree to teach in the classroom.

Do you want to be a teacher? Would you like to engage students and help them reach their full potential? With the Teacher Education Post-Baccalaureate Licensure program at Welch College you can utilize  your undergraduate degree to make an impact in the classroom.

The primary objective in teacher education is to fulfill the college’s mission by preparing students to use teaching as a tool in serving Christ and His Church.

This program is designed to meet the educational goals and needs of working adults seeking licensure in the following areas:

  • Practicing teachers in need of on-going training
  • Professionals who desire to move into a teaching career, utilizing the undergraduate degree
  • Parents interested in home schooling who want to know more about educational methods

Program Details

Professional Education Core

EDU 2001 200 Introduction to Education 2
EDU 2102 Educational Psychology 2
EDU 3312 Classroom Management 2
EDU 4002 Teaching Strategies for the EL and Regular Classroom 3
EDU 4201 School Assessment 2
EDU 4401 History and Philosophy of Education 2
EDU 4450 Introduction to Student Teaching 1
EDU 4500 Student Teaching Seminar 2
EDU 4650 Enhanced Student Teaching, PreK-3 10

Early Childhood Concentration

PSY 2401 Lifespan Development 3
ECE 2702 Creative Development 2
ECE 3251 Administering Children’s Programs 3
ECE 3411 Infants and Toddlers 3
ECE 3512 Teaching Young Children 3
EDU 3801 Teaching the Exceptional Child 3
Reading and Mathematics Focus 17 Hours
LSC 3012 Literature for Children Through Elementary and Middle Grades 2
MAT 2011, 2022 Mathematic Concepts I,II 6
EDU 3601 Methods of Teaching Reading 3
EDU 4111 Language Arts Instruction 3
EDU 4332 Content Area Reading/Writing 3

Minor in EL

ICS 2202 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3
LNG xxxx Modern Foreign Language 6
LNG/ENG/EDU 4012 Introduction to Linguistics and Second Language Acquisitions 3
EDU 3601 Methods of Teaching Reading 3
EDU 3801 Teaching the Exceptional Child 3
EDU 4002 Teaching Strategies for the EL and Regular Classroom 3
EDU 4111 Language Arts Instruction 3

Sample Core Courses

EDU 2001. INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION – An introduction to teaching as a life work and profession, and guidance in determining the personal qualifications and professional training necessary in elementary and secondary schools.

PSY/EDU 2102. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Gives consideration to the learning experience in light of psychological findings, examining individual differences, hereditary and environmental factors, social characteristics, intelligence and testing. Emphasizes relationships between development and learning style, accommodating teaching strategies, and the use of technology in the learning environment. Includes a review of educational psychology in view of Biblical principles.

EDU 4401. HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION – Surveys the development of American education, including Christian education, from the earliest days of American history to the present. Also examines the nature and scope of the Christian philosophy of education, as well as the general philosophy of education.

EDU 3601. METHODS OF TEACHING READING Various approaches to the teaching of reading, including a study of developmental reading, methods and techniques, use of technology, teaching reading to an English Language Learner, and evaluation of reading. Provides opportunity to become proficient in the teaching of letter-sound relationships. Requires a demonstration of proficiency in applied phonics.

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