B.S. General Christian Ministries

Are you looking to earn a degree in ministry, but looking for the flexibility to craft your degree program around the areas that most interest you? If so, the B.S. in General Christian Ministries is just for you. While having some flexibility to choose electives to round out your program you will still have the same rigorous courses offered in each of our Theological Studies programs.

This program is designed to meet the educational goals and needs of working adults who are seeking ministry training in the following areas:

  • Pastors who are seeking on-going training
  • Professionals who desire to make a move into a ministry position.


124 hours, with a 2.0 g.p.a. overall in all segments of the degree noted below.

​ENG 1011 Basic English, Grammar, Usage &  Composition I 3
​ENG 1022 Basic English, Grammar, Usage & Composition II 3
ENG 2111 Masterpieces of World Literature I 3
ENG 2122 Masterpieces of World Literature II 3
HIS 1011 History of Western Civilization I 3
HIS 1022 History of Western Civilization II 3
MUS 1002 Intro to Music and Appreciation 3
PHE 2100 Lifetime Fitness 2
PHE XXX Activity Course 1
MAT 1101 College Algebra 3
SPE 1000 Fundamentals of Speech 3
SCI 2204/14 Physical Science Survey/Lab 4
PHL 3602 Christian Philosophy 3
SSC 3101 Marriage and the Family 3
IDS 1001 Leadership and Calling: Personal Development 2
IDS 2001 Leadership and Calling: Leadership Principles 2
SSC 1000 Online Orientation* Pre-Requisite Audit

*The online orientation course is a one week pre-requisite course that MUST be taken in advance of enrollment in any other courses in the BS in General Christian Ministry degree.

BIB 1100 Introduction to Biblical Studies 2
BIB 1250 Evangelism & Discipleship 2
BIB 1011 OT Survey: Law and History 3
BIB 1031 NT Survey: Epistles & Revelation 3
BIB 2032 OT Survey: Poetry & Prophecy 2
BIB 2062 NT Survey: Gospel & Acts 2
BIB 2601 Biblical Interpretation 3
THE 3251 Systematic Theology I 2
THE 3301 Systematic Theology II 3
THE 3402 Systematic Theology III 3
THE 4032 Eschatology 2
Bible and Theology Electives
(4 hours at the 3000 level and 6 hours at the 4000 level
Ministry Studies
IDS 1902 Christianity, Culture, and Worldview Introduction 2
IDS 3101 Christianity, Culture, and Worldview Intermediate 2
IDS 4101 Christianity, Culture, and Worldview Capstone 2
YFM 2002 Education in the Local Church 3
MIN 1011 Local Church & World Missions 2
MIN 3601 Christian Counseling 3
Ministry Electives
(at least 8 hours from the 3000 level or above)

Sample Core Courses

THE 3251. SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY I: CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY AND WORLDVIEW – This course serves as an introduction to the discipline of theology. The course will define and outline the goals and methods of theology. It will also cover the philosophical issues of truth and epistemology with a goal of defining and defending a Christian worldview in the context of a pluralistic society.

THE 4032. ESCHATOLOGY – A study of end events, with some attention given to postmillennialism, but more to millennialism and premillennialism as more commonly held today, focusing on the redemptive covenants and how they contribute to a person’s view of eschatology.

IDS 1902, 3101, 4101. Christianity, Culture and Worldview – These courses will focus on the critical tools and knowledge necessary to forge a basic Christian worldview for Christian leadership in the contemporary world. Each course will cover the same topics but at a basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, including such subjects as the relationship of the church and culture; cultural apologetics; apologetics for witness; modernity and postmodernity; Christian discernment in the arts, entertainment, and other cultural products, including popular culture; work, leisure, and sport; the benefits and limits of science and technology; contemporary bioethical issues; creation care; engagement in public and civic life; and economic thought.

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