A.S. in Biology


The best scientific thinkers have a strong moral,
ethical and faith foundation.

Welch College believes Christians in scientific and medical professions have a responsibility to understand emerging technologies and also investigate the moral and ethical implications of scientific advancements. In our biology/pre-med program, we honor God’s creation by learning all we can about it. While taking all of the standard approaches in the classroom to teach you all we can about biology, we also look at it from a biblical perspective.

Associate of Science Degree: Pre-Nursing

This two year degree prepares students planning to enter a nursing program or related healthcare field. Through partnerships with Belmont University, Union University, and Cumberland University, qualified graduates of the Welch College A.S. in Biology are able to complete their bachelor’s in nursing at each respective institution.


63 hours, with a 2.0 g.p.a. in all segments of the degree noted below.

​BIB 1100 Introduction to Biblical Studies 2
BIB 1250 Evangelism & Discipleship 2
BIB 1011, 1031, 2032, 2062 Bible Survey 10
IDS 1902 Christianity, Culture and Worldview 2


​ENG 1011 Basic English Grammar, Usage, & Intro to Composition I 3
​ENG 1022 Basic English Grammar, Usage, & Intro to Composition II 3
IDS 1001 Leadership and Calling: Personal Development 2
​MAT 1101 College Algebra 3
​HIS 1011 History of Western Civilization 3
​MUS 1002 Introduction to Music and Appreciation 3
SPE 1000 Fundamentals of Speech 3


Nursing Related Courses 15 HOURS
​BIO 2308 Principles of Nutrition 3
​PSY 2001 General Psychology 3
PSY 2401 Lifespan Development 3
PSY 4001 Abnormal Psychology 3
SSC 2008 Introduction to Sociology 3


Biology and Chemistry 20 HOURS
​BIO 1001, 1011 Systems in Biological Science and Lab 4
BIO 2106, 2116 Microbiology and Lab 4
BIO 2401. 2411 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab 4
​BIO 2502, 2512 Human Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab 4
CHE 1004, 1014 General Chemistry I and Lab 4

Sample Core Courses

BIB 1100. INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL STUDIES – Provides a basic introduction to principles foundational for Biblical study. The course examines the doctrines of inspiration and canon and discusses principles of Biblical interpretation as well as transmission and translation of the Biblical text. It also provides necessary Biblical background information for the student including geography, chronology, history, culture, and doctrinal development.

BIB 1250. EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP – A Biblical study of the basics of the Christian life, designed to help students understand what it means to be Christ’s disciple, with primary attention given to such things as authenticity, cost, and the rewards of discipleship. Substantial time is spent discussing the methods, message, and means of personal evangelism, including the memorization of useful Biblical passages and attention to typical errors and difficulties faced by soul-winners. Other key topics include the disciple’s conversion, spirituality, worship, integrity, speech, thought life, stewardship, and witness.

MIN 2336. CHURCH GROWTH: THEORY AND PRACTICE – Emphasizes the history and theoretical foundations for church growth and the Church Growth Movement. Attention is given to the pastor’s role in church growth. A broad, flexible, and multifaceted plan for growth designed to fit a wide range of church settings is presented.

MIN 3111, 3122. HOMILETICS – Developing skill in the preparation and preaching of effective Biblical sermons. First semester is devoted to understanding and mastering the fundamental principles of sermon building. Second semester is a preaching laboratory where these principles are applied in the actual preparation and preaching of sermons.

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NOTE: Online courses are designed for non-traditional, adult students. This means that applicants must be at least 23 years old.

Underage students may submit a written appeal for an exception to take online courses. Appeals are based on extenuating circumstances such as health-related problems (the student or a family member for whom the student is caretaker), physical disabilities that preclude traditional enrollment, or military service obligations that prevent traditional enrollment. Appeals that are granted for such reasons may result in the student being permitted to enroll in one or two courses and a periodic evaluation of progress. Written appeals should be submitted to the Provost at mjmcaffee@welch.edu or by U.S. Mail to:

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