Associate of Arts Degree

This two-year program provides a solid basis of biblical study plus a core of general education that lats a good foundation for continuing on to a bachelor’s degree at Welch or transferring to another college. This program also provides a good foundation for general, lay ministry in a local church.

All graduates of this program should be able to:

  • develop a broad comprehension of biblical teaching, reflected in Christian character and a Christian worldview;
  • demonstrate competency in the basis of reading, writing and speaking;
  • develop foundational skills in personal and social relationships


62 hours, with a C average (2.0 g.p.a.) in all components of the degree and overall.

​BIB 1100 Introduction to Biblical Studies 2
BIB 1250 Evangelism & Discipleship 2
BIB 1011 OT Survey: Law and History 3
BIB 2062 NT Survey: Gospel & Acts 2
BIB 1031 NT Survey: Epistles & Revelation 3
BIB 2032 OT Survey: Poetry & Prophecy 2


ENG 1011 Basic English Grammar, Usage, and Composition I 3
ENG 1022  Basic English Grammar, Usage, and Composition II 3
ENG 2111 Masterpieces of World Literature I 3
ENG 2122 Masterpieces of World Literature II 3
HIS 1011 History of Western Civilization I 3
HIS 1022 History of Western Civilization II 3
MUS 1002 Intro to Music and Appreciation 3
PHE 2100 Lifetime Fitness 2
PHE XXX Activity Elective 1
MAT 1101 College Algebra 3
SPE 1000 Fundamentals of Speech 3
SCI 2204/14 Physical Science Survey/Lab 4
SSC 3101 Marriage and the Family 3
IDS 1001 Leadership and Calling: Personal Development 2
IDS 2001 Leadership and Calling: Leadership Principles 2
IDS 1902 Christianity, Culture, and Worldview: Introduction 2
Electives 5

Sample Core Courses

BIB 1100. INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL STUDIES – Provides a basic introduction to principles foundational for Biblical study. The course examines the doctrines of inspiration and canon and discusses principles of Biblical interpretation as well as transmission and translation of the Biblical text. It also provides necessary Biblical background information for the student including geography, chronology, history, culture, and doctrinal development.

BIB 1250. EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP – A Biblical study of the basics of the Christian life, designed to help students understand what it means to be Christ’s disciple, with primary attention given to such things as authenticity, cost, and the rewards of discipleship. Substantial time is spent discussing the methods, message, and means of personal evangelism, including the memorization of useful Biblical passages and attention to typical errors and difficulties faced by soul-winners. Other key topics include the disciple’s conversion, spirituality, worship, integrity, speech, thought life, stewardship, and witness.

IDS 1001. LEADERSHIP AND CALLING: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – This course will explore the interconnection of Christian virtue with the cultivation of responsible leadership. Emphasis will be given to such topics as lifelong learning, spiritual formation, self-management (including, e.g., time management and personal financial management), problem-solving, and personal and professional etiquitte.

IDS 1902 CHRISTIANITY, CULTURE, AND WORLDVIEW – This course will focus on the critical tools and knowledge necessary to forge a basic Christian worldview for Christian leadership in the contemporary world. Each course will cover the same topics but at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, including such subjects as the relationship of the church and culture; cultural apologetics; apologetics for witness; modernity and postmodernity; Christian discernment in the arts, entertainment, and other cultural products, including popular culture; work, leisure, and sport; the benefits and limits of science and technology; contemporary bioethical issues; creation care; engagement in public and civic life; and economic thought.

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