Masters Program

Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry

Classical Theology. Practical Ministry.

The Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry at Welch College is designed for college graduates who desire additional education in the classical theological disciplines and the integration of those disciplines within the practice of Christian ministry.

The 33-semester-hour M.A. degree is an advanced degree, with a hybrid format, that focuses on developing skills and knowledge in the area of Christian ministry. You will study under faculty members who are gifted scholars with specialties in a broad range of disciplines and are experienced in ministry. They will teach effectively and mentor you intentionally to apply biblical and theological depth to your ministry. The emphasis is on practical application that builds on your experience.

The Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry is regionally and nationally accredited. Learn more about our accreditation here.

Hybrid Format

Most courses are offered in a hybrid format that contains both online and traditional, in-class sessions. There are two fully online courses in the program. Hybrid courses are nine weeks in length. Eight weeks of the coursework is completed online with one week being an on-campus intensive.

Housing for individual students is provided during the one-week intensive.

Program Details & Cost

MAT 6007       Mission and Church Growth
MAT 6017       The Arminian Theological Tradition
MAT 6027       Issues in Old Testament Studies
MAT 6037       Discovering and Communicating Biblical Truth
MAT 6047       Church and Culture
MAT 6057       Ministry and Leadership I
MAT 6067       Issues in New Testament Studies
MAT 6077       Ministry and Leadership II
MAT 6087       Theological Foundations (Fully online course)
MAT 6097       The History of Doctrine (Fully online course)
MAT 6107       Summative Experience

Program Costs

Tuition: $450 per credit hour
Total Cost for Program: 33 credit hours X $450 = $14,850


A graduate education is expensive but it is one of the most important endeavors you will ever undertake. We can help you pay for your education by keeping costs low and helping you find financial aid in the form of loans and scholarships.

Several institutional scholarships are available for Welch graduate students. Students must apply for scholarships through the Financial Aid Office. Documentation such as a copy of the ministerial ordination certificate (Ministry Scholarship) or transcript from undergraduate institutions (Academic Merit Scholarship) should be provided along with the scholarship application.


Masters Program Calendar

Session 2

Class Date Format Teaching Faculty
BIB 6027 Issues in Old Testament
Jan. 23-Mar. 24, 2017 Hybrid McAffee
THE 6017 The Arminian Theological
Intensive: Feb 20-24, 2017 On Campus Hester/Pinson

Session 3

Class Date Format Teaching Faculty
ICS 6007 Mission & Church Growth April 10 – June 9, 2017 Hybrid Raper/Callaway
THE 6047 Church and Culture April 10 – June 9, 2017 Hybrid Ball
THE/MIN 6107 Summative Experience
Intensive: May 8-12, 2017 On Campus Cockrell

Session 1

Class Date Format Teaching Faculty
THE 6087 Theological Foundations June 12 – Aug. 18, 2017 Online Ball
THE 6097 History of Doctrine June 12 – Aug. 18, 2017 Online Hester

*One week allowed for break. Both courses fully online.

Session 2

Class Date Format Teaching Faculty
THE 6037 Discovering &
Communicating Biblical Truth
Aug. 28 – Oct. 27, 2017 Hybrid Cockrell
MIN 6057 Ministry and Leadership I Intensive: Sept. 25 – 29, 2017 On Campus Raper/Pinson

Session 1

Class Date Format Teaching Faculty
BIB 6067  Issues in New Testament
Oct. 30 – Jan. 5, 2018 Hybrid Cockrell
MIN 6077 Ministry and Leadership II Intensive: Nov. 27 – Dec 1, 2017 On Campus Raper/Pinson
THE/MIN 6107 Summative Experience
(Project/Thesis Due)
April 2018 Cockrell
Commencement May 11, 2018 On Campus

Program Objectives

Students who successfully complete the program should demonstrate:

  • A thorough understanding of the history, principles, and methods of Biblical exegesis and the ability both to defend the reliability of the Biblical text and to communicate the Bible’s redemptive storyline in an effective, relevant way.
  • Mastery and implementation of a biblical philosophy of church and pastoral leadership as applied to: (a) the leader’s personal spiritual formation and interpersonal relationships; (b) Christian worship; (c) principles of pastoral care in ministering to people’s spiritual, psychological, relational and material needs; and (d) practical issues involved in the pastoral ministry within the local church.
  • Application of rigorous theological critique informed by a Christian worldview toward the assessment of: (a) trends, issues, and ethical concerns in the secular culture; and (b) current movements and trajectories within the church culture.
  • An understanding of Christian theological thought with a view toward: (a) critical engagement with a wide scope of theological systems and worldviews; (b) grounding in Reformation Arminianism and the distinctives of Free Will Baptist theology; and, (c) the role of presuppositional apologetics oriented toward worldview critique.
  • Grasp of the global expanse of God’s Kingdom-building through His church encompassing: (a) missiological principles of international evangelization and church planting as applied to the local church; and (b) organic models of church growth founded upon an understanding of biblical principles of evangelism and discipleship.
  • A solid grasp of the history of the church, particularly: (a) the heritage of evangelical orthodoxy traced through the patristic, reformation, and post-reformation eras; and (b) Free Will Baptist history and traditions, with an emphasis on confessional loyalty.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Andrew Ball

Adjunct Graduate Faculty

Dr. Jeff Cockrell

School of Theology, Masters Program, Coordinator

Dr. Barry Raper

Pastoral Ministry, Program Coordinator

Dr. Ron Callaway

Intercultural Studies, Program Coordinator

Dr. Kevin Hester

Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, School of Theology, Dean; Institutional Planning and Assessment, Director

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Graduate Program Coordinator
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Financial Aid Coordinator
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