The best scientific thinkers have a strong moral,
ethical and faith foundation.

At Welch College we believe that Christians in scientific and medical professions have a responsibility not only to understand emerging technologies but also to investigate the moral and ethical implications of scientific advancements. In our biology/pre-med program, we honor God’s creation by learning all we can about it. While taking all of the standard approaches in the classroom to teach you all we can about biology, we also look at it from a biblical perspective. Why a biblical approach you may ask? To us, the best scientific thinkers also have a strong moral, ethical and faith foundation against which to measure their knowledge. In your classes, you will gain an in-depth exposure to the biological, chemical, physical and mathematical sciences.

Associate of Science Degree: Pre-Nursing

This two year degree prepares students planning to enter a nursing program or related healthcare field. Welch College is a member of the Partners in Nursing Program. Seats in the Partner in Nursing Program (administered through Belmont University by the Tennessee State Bard of Nursing) are set aside for qualified Welch College graduates of the A.S. in Science who can then complete the Bachelor of Science Degree at Belmont University in two additional years.

Program Details

37 – hours of Arts and Science Core
30 – hours of Theological Studies Core
69 – hours of Biology Core

136 – Total credit hours

Other Degree Programs

Biology Education – 141 Hours
A.S. of Science (Nursing) – 71 Hours
Minor in Pre-Health Science – 44 Hours

Sample Core Courses

BIO 1001. SYSTEMS IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE – A study of the major principles in biology including the scientific method, cell organization and characterization, energy production and consumption, genetics, characterization and classification of organisms, organ systems and processes, ecology and environmental science, and the theory of evolution and how the Christian worldview can be applied to scientific study.

BIO 3205. EVOLUTION AND ORIGINS – A deep study of evolution and its implications for science and society. The Christian responses to evolution over the years will be studied with an emphasis on a literal interpretation of Genesis and a young earth creationist approach.

BIO 4006. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY – A study of the processing of information in the cell including detailed analyses of transcription, translation, replication, and the mechanisms of control.

BIO 4105. BIOCHEMISTRY – A study of the functions of biological molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates with increased emphasis on enzymes and three-dimensional structures as well as their metabolism.