We will equip you with the biblical and practical principles to succeed as an effective servant leader in your career field.

A degree in business from Welch College will provide you with a solid education in business knowledge, and prepares you to meet the increased demand for business professionals in all industries. Whether you are interested in business management, church leadership, government, police/military or nonprofit management, you will be equipped with the biblical and practical principles to succeed as an effective servant leader in your career field.

Integrating faith and learning for accounting, finance, and business is the structure that differentiates Welch College from other programs. Rather than simply being a Christian in the business realm – you’ll learn that your Christian life can shape the everyday practices of the marketplace.

The department offers both a four-year baccalaureate degree in business administration and a two-year associate’s degree.

“Welch College prepared me for the corporate world by teaching me to look at all of life from a Christian worldview. My time at Welch College also showed me how I could be involved in the spread of the gospel around the world.”

Bob Edwards
Class of 1997 | Vice President, SunTrust Bank | Nashville, TN


Program Details

44 – hours of Arts and Sciences Core
30 hours of Theological Studies
33 –  hours of Business Administration Core
21 –  hours of Business Emphasis
– MBA Preparation or International Business

128 – Total credit hours

Sample Core Courses

BUS 1201. INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS – An orientation course for all business students designed to provide a comprehensive introductory analysis of all aspects of the field of business, to increase their business vocabulary, and to prepare them for advanced study of business and economics.

BUS 2001. BUSINESS COMMUNICATION – Understanding and applying the principles of business communication, oral and written. Analysis of typical written communications (business letters, memos, reports) dealing with human relations and management situations including drafting, evaluation, editing, and preparation of letters and memos.

BUS 3114. LEGAL AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS – How law responds to the changing social, ethical, political, regulatory, and international environments through a study of the legal system, business crimes, law of torts and product liability, constitutional basis for business regulation, business organizations, and the regulatory process.

BUS 3206. MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT – A survey of fundamental marketing concepts in the American economy. Topics include strategic marketing, marketing environment, segmentation, forecasting, consumer behavior, product life cycle, product mix, pricing, advertising, distribution, and promotion.