The Psychology program at Welch College focuses on counseling from a biblical worldview in order to help you see what God intended for proper function. Your studies will include a solid foundation in theological study and psychological theory from a Christian perspective.

Coursework focuses on human behavior and development, listening and assessment techniques, counseling theory, and skill building.

Whether you are looking to attend graduate school or go immediately into the workplace, a degree from the  Welch College Psychology program will help you analyze human thought and behavior from business to ministry to social work.

Program Details

41 hours of Arts and Sciences Core
30 hours of Theological Studies Core
41 hours of Psychology Core
12 hours Electives

124 – Total credit hours

Sample Core Courses

PSY 2302. GROUP AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS – The class will focus on how individuals interact within a larger social context. Particular attention will be given to culture, subcultures, ethnicity, and their effect on the individual’s cognitions, emotions, and behavior.

PSY 2401. LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT – A survey of the biological and environmental factors influencing physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and language development from conception until death. Explores child, adolescent, and adult stages of life. Includes causes and results of interruption in or interference with the developmental and learning processes.

PSY 3201. PHYSIOLOGY OF BEHAVIOR – This course is designed to take an in-depth view of how behavior occurs physiologically. Particular attention is given to anatomical and chemical causes of behavior.

PSY/MIN 3601. CHRISTIAN COUNSELING – Acquaints the student with basic principles involved in Christian counseling, with attention to Biblical principles involved, the place of counseling in the local church, and problems facing the pastor and others as they attempt to help people through counseling. The student will develop an understanding of counseling philosophy, skills, and technique appropriate to a local church setting.