Music Performance

The Music Performance program at Welch College enables you to turn your passion into a career by honing your music talents to the highest degree — all while studying in a Christian environment. Study alongside professors with extensive experience in their field. Bringing their expertise to the classroom, our professors will help you to develop your abilities, vocal technique, expand your repertoire and give you the knowledge and confidence to perform professionally.

Not only will the program prepare you for professional work, but it will also prepare you for a lifetime of ministry, whether through singing and playing in churches or sharing Christ with nonbelievers in the arts world.

Degrees Offered:
Bachelor of Science Degree: Major in Music, Vocal Performance
Bachelor of Science Degree: Major in Music, Instrumental Performance
Bachelor of Science Degree: Major in Music, Piano Performance
Bachelor of Science Degree: Major in Music, Conducting Emphasis

Program Details

38 hours of Arts and Sciences Core
30 hours of Theological Studies Core
67 hours of Music Core

135 – Total credit hours

Sample Core Courses

MUS 1011,1022. MUSIC THEORY I – Study of the fundamental harmonies and tone relations used in musical composition, including elementary written and keyboard harmony, melody writing, voice leadings, functional tonality, and analysis.
1022: Study in principles of harmonization, form, diatonic seventh chords, modulation to closely related keys, secondary chord functions, binary principle, rounded binary and ternary forms, variation techniques, and concepts in the composition of common practice (Baroque) chorales.

MUS 1111,1122. AURAL THEORY I – Introduction of the basic techniques of dictation, sight-singing, and rhythmic reading; mastery of the beginning techniques of Tonal Center Referencing, with dictation of harmonic progressions and error detection.
1122: Continuation of the techniques of 111; singing and writing major and minor scales, intervals, triads, tonal and rhythmic groups, tonal melodies and canons.

MUS 2350. PRIVATE VOICE – Emphasis on the techniques of vocal production, including proper vowel formation, the correct use of consonants, tone color, and diction, using sacred and art song literature suitable for the individual. The voice faculty determines whether the individual has advanced sufficiently to merit the awarding of credit and to proceed to the next semester’s course. Regulated by a levels approach.

MUS 2450. PRIVATE INSTRUMENT – Private lessons for students with previous experience in brass, string, woodwind instruments, emphasizing techniques of performance with a variety of styles and literature, using sacred and classical literature. Credit awarded only on the basis of demonstrated proficiency. Regulated by a levels approach.