Youth & Family Ministry

…lead students and their families to a mature faith in Christ.

Did you enjoy your experience as part of your youth group or maybe you volunteered in the children’s ministry at your home church and now want the opportunity to build and lead a ministry of your own.

At Welch College, our Youth & Family Ministries degree will give you the biblical and theological foundation you need to lead students and their families to a mature faith in Christ. You will be prepared with the practical experience to be an effective minister — from day one of your career.

Other Programs:
Theological Studies, Minor in Youth and Family Ministry – 18 Hours

Program Details

53 hours of Arts and Sciences Core
37 hours of Theological Studies Core
23 hours of Ministry Core
15 hours of Youth and Family Ministry Core

128 – Total credit hours

Sample Core Courses

YFM 1003. PHILOSOPHY OF YOUTH AND FAMILY MINISTRY –  A survey of the development of youth work from its beginnings to the present, including history of both church and para-church youth ministry. Strong emphasis on philosophy and principles for youth ministry. Students acquire the content and ability to develop and implement a comprehensive youth ministry that is based on a Biblical, sociological and familial model.

YFM 2002 EDUCATION IN THE LOCAL CHURCH – Explores the factors essential to the effectiveness of a local church’s Christian education program: administration, organization, recruitment and training, goals and objectives, the giftedness of personnel,personality types in ministry, and facilities.

YFM 2106. SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES – This course provides a foundational overview of the spiritual disciplines in the formation of the minister and students. Particular attention will be given to individual spiritual disciplines with the aim of students learning practically how to incorporate them into their walk with Christ. Special attention will be given to the two most important disciplines of meditation and prayer. The course should enable the minister to effectively equip youth and youth leaders in the practice of spiritual disciplines in a youth ministry context.

YFM 3004. CHILDREN’S MINISTRY – A study of the physical, spiritual, and psychological development of children and the best means of providing proper Christian training. Considers instructional materials, teaching methods, evangelism, worship, and the administration of children’s work. The student develops a Biblically-based philosophy of children’s ministry.

YFM 3201. APOLOGETICS AND EVANGELISM FOR STUDENTS –Targets students in both high school and college. Helps the student understand issues such as: the current trend and problem of young adults leaving the church, the impact of other world religions and philosophies in contemporary society, basic needs of older adolescent and young adult students, and a Biblical approach to apologetics and evangelism.