Intercultural Studies Degree (Missions)

Educating leaders to serve His world….

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…
Matthew 28:19

The command is simple. Go and teach all nations. Whether here or in some international city the command is the same. At Welch College we are committed to seeing the gospel spread throughout the nations.

For more than 70 years, Welch College has been training missionaries to serve Christ in the United States and around the world. Throughout the years, students have graduated from Welch with the practical and theological training necessary to become effective witnesses and servants to the lost and hurting. Our faculty members have spent years on the mission field and are committed to passing on their knowledge and passion to our students.

To give you opportunities to practice what you are learning in the classroom, we intentionally partner with local organizations to feed the homeless, mentor kids and meet other needs in the community. We also offer a variety of missions opportunities each year.

Other Programs:
Minor in Intercultural Studies – 21 Hours

“Our time at Welch College helped prepare us for mission work by giving us the opportunity to learn under and be mentored by teaching missionaries whose passion helped fuel a desire in us to take the gospel to the unreached.”

Heath and Joni Hubbard
Missionaries to Japan | Classes of 2006 and 2002

Program Details

62 or 65  hours of Arts and Sciences Core
(65  hours if Greek or Hebrew is taken)
37 hours of Theological Studies Core
29 hours of Intercultural Studies Core

 129 or 132 – Total credit hours

Intercultural Studies Degree
Sample Core Courses


ICS 1102. BIBLICAL BASIS OF MISSIONS – The teaching of both Testaments about the world mission of the church, focusing on the nature, task, and the agencies of world missions. Presents the dynamics of missions: the Kingdom, the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, and other missional themes.

ICS 2101. HISTORY OF MISSIONS – Historical survey of missions from Pentecost to the present day, with emphasis on spiritual, social, and political elements and issues that have helped and hindered the progress of missions.

ICS 2202. INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY An introductory study of the nature of missions as it relates to the purpose, function, and patterns of culture, including language and theory. Designed to give missionary candidates an orientation toward peoples and cultures of other lands for the sake of imparting the Christian witness in indigenous, rather than Western, forms. Will be equally helpful to others, including teachers, as they prepare to minister to those from other cultures than ours.

ICS 3452. SURVEY OF WORLD RELIGIONS – A general understanding of the religions of the world, with emphasis on the founders, sacred writings, doctrines, strengths, and special characteristics of each. The student will compare man’s own efforts to produce a religious system with the Christian system so that he may better understand the needs of others and how to approach them.