Please Pray…

  1. That God will be the center of all we do and that we will learn and grow together as a result of this process.
  2. For Dr. Matt Pinson as he leads the day-to-day operations of the college, the Relocation Task Force, and the Relocation Fundraising Team.
  3. For “good weather” so that the construction process will not be delayed.
  4. For the overall construction process of the Gallatin campus and an on-time completion.
  5. That God would work in the hearts and lives of people, leading them to support the relocation process through prayer and finances.
  6. For safety for all the construction workers. These include: Focus Design Builders (contractors), Southland Constructors (construction management team), and Bob Bass (relocation consultant).
  7. For David Brown and the Free Will Baptist Foundation and their partnership with Welch College in relocation.
  8. For the overall spiritual growth of the Welch College student body.
  9. For the college faculty, staff, and students as they operate in reduced space.
  10. For Relocation Task Force members Mark Johnson and Greg Ketteman and Relocation Fundraising Team members David Williford and Derek Altom.
  11. For Relocation Task Force members Jon Forlines, Sandy Goodfellow, and Craig Mahler and Relocation Fundraising Team members Mike Edwards and Michael Oliver.
  12. For Relocation Task Force members Tom Sass, Bob Bass, and David Williford and Relocation Fundraising Team members Melvin Worthington and Bill Evans.
  13. For Debbie Mouser and the entire Welch College Enrollment Management Team.
  14. For the Welch College student body officers, SpirituaLife Group leaders, and peer mentors.
  15. For the Welch College Board of Trustees.
  16. For identifying and securing gifts-in-kind.
  17. That individuals will continue to give strongly to the general fund and give above and beyond their normal general fund giving to support the relocation process.
  18. That God would provide major gift donors to the relocation process.
  19. For the Welch College Alumni Association as they promote unity and growth among our alumni.
  20. For a meaningful increase in residential students.
  21. For wisdom to use limited funds wisely for furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the new campus.
  22. For the college’s outreach, community relations, witness, and service to the Sumner County community.
  23. For those involved in managing the finances along with the budgeting process for the 2016-2017 year.
  24. That our alumni, denomination, donors, and friends will realize how important this once-in-a-lifetime relocation process is in the life and history of the college, denomination, and our impact on Christ’s kingdom and will step up and sacrificially give as never before.
  25. For safety of travel for those who share the relocation story with the people of our denomination.
  26. For the President’s Leadership Team: Jon Forlines, Greg Ketteman, Craig Mahler, and David Williford.
  27. That God would give wisdom in developing future partnerships with other higher education institutions in the Gallatin area.
  28. For all the Free Will Baptist denominational agencies: Executive Office, Welch College, International Missions, North American Ministries, Randall House Publications, Free Will Baptist Foundation, Board of Retirement, and Women Nationally Active for Christ.
  29. For the various departments of study at Welch College. They include: Theological Studies, Arts and Sciences, Music, Teacher Education, Online Learning, and Graduate Studies.
  30. For a smooth transition from the West End campus to the Gallatin campus.