How do I know if my company matches gifts?

Contact your company Human Resources Department to see if your company will match your gift to Welch College, or contact the Advancement Office at 615-675-5255  or email us at advancement@welch.edu for assistance.

Some companies double or triple match gifts, so make sure to check with your company or the college.

How do I donate items or property to Welch?

Please contact the Advancement Office at 615-675-5255 or email us at Advancement@welch.edu

Is there a need for more scholarship support at Welch College?

Yes! While a college education—especially in a Christian environment like Welch College—is an important investment, it is an expensive one. Many Welch College students come from families with limited resources like pastors, missionaries, and teachers. In fact, nearly 90% of our students receive some type of financial aid.

What are the steps to set up a scholarship at Welch College?

First, decide what type student you would like to assist.
It could be for a student studying in a certain field such as pastoral ministry, education, or another field of study. Or, you may want to designate the region where the student lives, such as the state of Florida. You may want to assist students who have financial needs or combine various designations.

*It is important to note that scholarships with fewer designations are easier to award that those with numerous restrictions.

Second, decide if you want to fund an endowed scholarship or an annual scholarship.
An endowed scholarship is one where scholarship funds are invested and the income fromthe funds are available to award. A minimum of $10,000 (reached within three years) is needed to fund an endowed scholarship.

An annual scholarship is one that is awarded as funds are available. Some donors choose to fund a combination of endowed and annual scholarship.

Finally, you will work with a member of the Advancement Office and the Financial Aid Office to draft written guidelines that clearly spell out scholarship details.

May others who are interested in the scholarship I establish also make gifts?

Yes! Anyone may designate a gift to a specific scholarship fund. This is a common practice.

May I designate the student to receive the scholarship?

Because of IRS regulations, the donor cannot choose the student who is to receive the scholarship. The college must make the selection based on the guidelines established by the donor(s).

What gift resources do people use to start a scholarship?

Scholarship gifts may be made in different ways through different means including checks, credit cards, securities, real estate, monthly electronic payments, annuities, and even estate plans.

How do I put Welch College in my Will?

Contact the David Williford, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 615-675-5255 for assistance or email advancement@welch.edu.


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