As we prepare to finish this fall semester, several of our students have taken a moment to share how your gifts are blessing their lives.

My parents are in the ministry and have three children going through college, so the financial aid we receive from donors at Welch is truly a reason to celebrate! Because of financial aid, some of the stress of finances has been relieved, and I was able to play soccer this semester. Because of playing soccer, the door has opened for me to go with the team on a mission trip during spring break to serve in Taiwan. Support of the Torchbearers has allowed me to have the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, and athletically. Thank you!

Naomi Alonso – Freshman from North Carolina

The gifts from donors have significantly aided me this semester.  I am paying for college on my own because my parents are unable to help. I had to leave my former college due to a change in my financial situation, so the donations made to Welch College by Torchbearers are providing me the opportunity to continue my Christian education as I study Exercise Science. What a tremendous blessing you are to me!

Bryson Foulks-
Junior from Tennessee

 As I began this year at Welch college with my freshman sister, I faced the daunting question: “How are we ever going to pay for this?” The truth is, that as this semester continued, my family and I have not been able to afford Welch College for me and my sister. BUT GOD IS supplying the need. He has provided through my parent’s jobs, my job, and the financial help of Torchbearers. God has been so incredibly good to me this semester, and I hope that someday I will be able to bless a future student who attends Welch College just as YOU have blessed me!

Kendal Ryan-
Junior from Illinois

As a first-year student, I was very concerned about my financial situation. I can confidently say that the generous support of Torchbearers has made college a reality for me. I cannot stress the peace of mind that your assistance has provided me and my family. There was a very strong chance that I could not have attended school had it not been for donor contributions to the school. Without the generosity of Torchbearers, I would not be able to use this opportunity to prepare myself to go out into the world to be a light for the kingdom of Christ in the business world.

Tanner Carson-
Freshman from Tennessee

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