Last week Welch College participated in the annual Convention of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. This is significant, because Welch is the only educational institution owned and operated by the National Association. Welch was well-represented, and we had a great time in Fort Worth.

A Relationship of Accountability and Support

Welch’s relationship with the National Association is a wonderful relationship of accountability and support. We are accountable to the National Association to which we report, both to the General Board and the body of delegates gathered at the Convention.

Our report includes an update on the ministry and progress of the college, as well as a detailed financial audit prepared by an independent auditor. This process also gives me, as president of the college, an opportunity to respond to questions posed by delegates to the Convention.

The National Association also elects our board members every two years at the Convention. This year, we welcomed Dr. Eddie Moody as a newly elected board member.

A Great Time of Connection for the College

Last week was a great time of connection for Welch College. All things Welch College were abuzz. The college’s booths in the exhibit hall were packed. The alumni and friends luncheon was very well attended. Everyone I have talked with said it was the best convention for Welch in a number of years.

Much of this, no doubt, is because of the 24 percent increase in dorm enrollment we experienced this past year, and the fact that our financial situation is so much better than it has been the past few years. With our new name (which has been received so well by our alumni and supporters), a gradually increasing enrollment, and a new sense of unity symbolized by the welcoming of transfer students from Gateway Christian College, we are poised for great things in the future.

I ask my readers to pray for Welch College as we continue to be faithful to the mission to which God has called us. Check back for future posts in which I plan to post more about the National Convention, including my report to the delegates to this year’s meeting.

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