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Dear Students and Parents,

This is a time of great uncertainty. Yet we serve a God who is able to do far more abundantly than we could ever ask or think because of His great power which is active in our lives (Eph. 3:20). We’re so excited about the students who are going to attend Welch this fall, and I wanted to write a brief letter and let you know about some things we are doing to prepare for the fall semester.

Our Special Coronavirus Committee was out in front of the pandemic in February, before it ever gained traction in the U.S., and we will be following best practices regarding safety protocols for colleges and universities when we gather together in the fall. We’re going to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your safety in our Christian community of faith and learning. We will keep you apprised as we move forward in our safety planning.

Financial Aid
Another concern many prospective students and parents have is finances. Some parents have lost their jobs or have suffered a pay cut. Government grants for students who have been hurt by the Coronavirus will be made available through Welch College based on need. These are grants, not loans. So they won’t need to be repaid. Welch will also be making need-based grants available to students beginning this fall, many of which will be provided by friends of the college who will be making charitable contributions for this purpose.

Tuition Freeze
Welch normally increases its tuition, room, and board costs to keep up with inflation and the rapidly rising cost of providing a quality education. We had planned to increase these costs by 3% this year. However, the Coronavirus pandemic and the economic upheaval this puts many of our families in has prompted us to freeze the increase in tuition, room, and board this year. Thus these costs will remain the same as last year’s costs.

Contingency Planning
Based on current projections from public health experts, we believe the fall semester will begin on campus. So while we don’t anticipate remote or online learning for dorm and commuter students, we will keep you posted if this eventuates. When we gather this fall, we will be taking every precaution necessary and carefully observing the best practices recommended by public health officials. We will keep you informed as we move forward with this planning.

We look forward to seeing you in the fall. If we can do anything to be of service to you, please contact us.

The Lord bless you and keep you in these trying times.


Matt Pinson

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