Tuition & Financial Aid

Preparing for your future

Welch College is committed to helping every student pay for their education and to graduate with a minimum of debt. In 2018, approximately 90% of our students received some form of financial aid. Contact us to see what help is available.

The following basic costs are listed in the current edition of the Welch College Catalog and will give prospective students a good indication of what it costs to attend.

Estimated Cost: 2021-2022

Traditional Tuition (12-18 hours) $9,791 $19,582
Room $1,506 $3,012
20 Meal Plan
(required for freshmen)
$2,460 $4,920
14 Meal Plan
(optional for upper classmen)
$2,257 $4,514
Tuition + Room + 20 Meal Plan
(required for freshmen)
$13,757 $27,514
Tuition + Room + 14 Meal Plan
(optional for upper classmen)
$13,554 $27,922


1-11 hours $667 per semester hour
19+ hours $667 per semester hour
Graduate (MATM & MAT) $687 per semester hour
Adult Studies & Online Degree
(age 23 and older, per semester hour)
$368 per semester hour
Audit of Course $324 per semester hour
Dual Enrollment $150 per semester hour
Hispanic Institute $200 per hour
Commuter (off-campus) Meal Plan $465
Flex Meal Plan (Student Teachers & Nurses) $750

Payment of Fees

Tuition, room, and/or board are due and payable at registration or you may choose a deferred payment plan (below)

Deferred Payment Plan for Full-time Students

$2,400 due at registration $2,400 due at registration
1/3 of balance September 15 1/3 of balance due February 15
1/3 of balance October 15 1/3 of balance due March 15
1/3 of balance November 15 1/3 of balance due April 15


Payments may be adjusted at each registration. Contact the business office for more information.


Scholarships ranging from $200 to $10,000 are available.

Scholarships are awarded to those who are admitted to Welch College, so the sooner you apply, the sooner we can award you your scholarship!

Do You Have Questions?

Financial Aid Office
Phone: 615-675-5278
Fax: 615-296-0400

Enrollment Services
Phone: 615-675-5303
Fax: 615-296-0400

Admissions Counselors are available by phone and email from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.