Faculty & Staff

Alphabetical Faculty/Staff Directory


Name & Title Email Phone Number
Derek Altom
Advancement Office Manager
daltom@welch.edu 615-675-5262
Mike Anderson
mikea@welch.edu  615-675-5301
Stephen Beck
Faculty, Teacher Education Department
sbeck@welch.edu  615-675-5341
Matthew Bracey
Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Faculty, Law and Theology
Cross Country Coach
mbracey@welch.edu  615-675-5329
Dr. Sarah Bracey
Psychology Program Coordinator,
Campus Counselor
sbracey@welch.edu 615-675-5296
Pam Buck
EMT Administrative Assistant
pbuck@welch.edu  615-675-5336
Dr. Ron Callaway
Program Coordinator, Intercultural Studies
rcally@welch.edu  615-675-5339
Kay Clark
Student Account Coordinator
kclark@welch.edu 615-675-5323
Dr. Jeff Cockrell
Program Coordinator, M.A. in Theology and Ministry
Professor, Biblical Studies
jcockrell@welch.edu  615-675-5315
Terri Cockrell
Academic Office Manager
tcockrell@welch.edu 615-675-5260
Allan Crowson
Director, Online and Lifetime Learning
acrowson@welch.edu  615-675-5277
Dr. Rebecca Deel
Program Coordinator, Business
rdeel@welch.edu  615-675-5338
Angie Edgmon
Financial Aid Director
finaid@welch.edu  615-675-5278
Karen Edwards
Manager, Common Grounds, West End
karen.edwards@welch.edu  615-675-5321
Mike Edwards
Welch Fund Director
mike.edwards@welch.edu  615-675-5333
Greg Fawbush
Athletic Director
Men’s Basketball Coach
gfawbush@welch.edu  615-675-5358
Martha Fletcher
Executive Assistant to the President
mfletcher@welch.edu  615-675-5264
Jon Forlines
Vice President for Student Services,
Dean of Students
jforlines@welch.edu 615-675-5299
Leroy Forlines
Professor Emeritus
leroyf@welch.edu  615-675-5316
Susan Forlines
Dean of Women
susan@welch.edu  615-675-5259
AnnaGee Harris
Office Manager, Enrollment Services
Drama Director
agharris@welch.edu  615-675-5258
Dr. Ian Hawkins
Chairman, Arts and Sciences
Program Coordinator, Biology
ihawkins@welch.edu  615-675-5304
Dr. Kevin Hester
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Dean, School of Theology
khester@welch.edu  615-675-5322
Alyssa Hill
Financial Aid Assistant, Liaison for Enriched Adult Studies
alyssa.hill@welch.edu 615-675-5263
Carol Holland
Business Office Assistant
cholland@welch.edu  615-675-5286
Russell Houske
Facilities Services Manager,
Men’s Resident Director
russell.houske@welch.edu  615-675-5255
Dr. Greg Ketteman
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Dean, Graduate and Adult Studies
Distinguished Professor of Education
gketteman@welch.edu  615-675-5312
Dr. Charles Lea
Special Assistant to the President for Adult Education
Professor of Educational Leadership
clea@welch.edu  615-675-5285
Craig Mahler
Vice President for Financial Affairs
cmahler@welch.edu  615-675-5292
Dr. Matthew McAffee
Professor, Biblical Studies
mjmcaffee@welch.edu  615-675-5330
Phillip Morgan
Program Coordinator, History
pmorgan@welch.edu  615-675-5335
Debbie Mouser
Director, Recruitment
debbie@welch.edu  615-675-5303
John Murray
Director, Christian Service
jmurray@welch.edu  615-675-5319
Leslie Nichols
Head Women’s Soccer Coach
leslie.nichols@welch.edu  615-675-5255
Jesse Owens
Landscape Manager, Adjunct Professor
jesse.owens@welch.edu  615-675-5300
Josh Owens
Director of Marketing and Media
jowens@welch.edu 615-424-7313
Merinda Parrish
Major Gifts Liaison
mparrish@welch.edu 615-675-5360
Todd Parrish
Director of Church Relations
todd.parrish@welch.edu 615-675-5256
Dr. Thurman Pate
Faculty, Teacher Education
tpate@welch.edu  615-675-5346
Dr. Etta Patterson
Chairman, Teacher Education
epatterson@welch.edu  615-675-5310
Dr. Matt Pinson
president@welch.edu  615-675-5264
Melinda Pinson
Hospitality and Donor Relations Liaison
Zach Randall
Food Service Director
zrandall@welch.edu  615-675-5308
Dr. Barry Raper
Program Coordinator, Ministry Studies
braper@welch.edu  615-675-5281
Dr. Sharon Rodgers
srodgers@welch.edu  615-675-5351
Dr. Jose Rodriguez
Director, Welch College Spanish Institute
Faculty, Bible and Theology
jrodriguez@welch.edu  615-675-5345
Sherry Russell
Dual Enrollment Assistant
srussell@welch.edu  615-675-5343
Abby Settle
Enrollment Management Services
abby.settle@welch.edu  615-675-5359
Lynn Sharenberger
lsharenberger@welch.edu  615-675-5305
Dr. Linda Shipley
Faculty, Music Department
lshipley@welch.edu  615-675-5326
Jena Simpson
TE, Adult, and Online Assistant
jenasimpson@welch.edu 615-675-5257
William H. Slater
Dean, Adult Studies
wslater@welch.edu 615-675-5350
Brenda Spruill
Business Office Administrative Assistant
bspruill@welch.edu  615-675-5283
Wayne Spruill
Director of Institutional Research
wspruill@welch.edu   615-675-5348
Dr. James Stevens
Chairman, Music Department
jstevens@welch.edu 615-675-5314
Chris Talbot
Program Coordinator, Youth and Family Ministry,
Campus Pastor
ctalbot@welch.edu   615-675-5289
Rebekah Talbot
Women’s Resident Director
rtalbot@welch.edu 615-675-5279
Ernie Thompson
Cleaning Operations
ethompson@welch.edu 615-675-5309
Christa Thornsbury
cthornsbury@welch.edu 615-675-5290
Frank Thornsbury
Program Coordinator, English 
frank.thornsbury@welch.edu   615-675-5311
Tina Tolbert
Faculty, Speech
Freshman Coordinator
ttolbert@welch.edu 615-675-5347
Abigail Warren
Volleyball Coach
abigail.warren@welch.edu 615-675-5255
Daniel Webster
Director, Enrollment Services
daniel.webster@welch.edu 615-431-9322
David Williford
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
dwilliford@welch.edu 615-675-5302
Dr. Jon Wilson
Men’s Soccer Coach
jwilson@welch.edu 615-675-5255
Charles Wise
Computer/Technical Support
charles@welch.edu 615-675-5288