Welch College in Gallatin, TN dorm room. A Packing Guide for College Freshmen

Hey guys –  It’s Raygan here! I remember when I began packing for my freshman year at Welch, I was stressed out. I spent my days on YouTube and Pinterest just trying to figure out what I really needed to pack. However, It wasn’t until the end of my freshman year that I actually knew exactly what I needed. YouTube videos got a lot of it right, but I also found that there were many things I never actually needed and they just took up space. So if you’re wondering what you really need to pack – do not worry! I am going to share 3 things that I think every college student needs and 3 things that you should definitely leave at home!



Just an FYI, your clothes are gonna wrinkle…BAD! And yeah you could use a wrinkle spray or even pray the dryer works some magic on that business casual shirt, but I can promise you that you’ll need something stronger. I know a few people that brought actual ironing boards to campus, but ain’t no one got time or room for that. I had girls beating down my door to use my steamer. It’s cheap, small, and quick. 10/10 Dr. Pinsons recommend.


I know… you’re like “Raygan duh” but hear me out!! A lot of students wait until classes start to get their textbooks, but sometimes you’ll have reading assignments that same week (I know crazy right?). The stress of ordering books the week school starts is actually horrid; so here’s a tip for you to do a few weeks before school starts. After you register for classes (If you’ve pre-registered) go on Populi and see who your professors are. Once you’ve done that, send them a little sweet email (their email will be on Populi), and ask them what you’ll need for class! For starters, you can have your books before the first day, but more importantly, you’ll look like a good student early on *cough* teacher’s pet *cough* 


You are becoming an adult, and college is the first big step in your new independent journey! With being an adult, you need to be prepared for any situation you might encounter. So here are a few things you will definitely need to have on hand! 

  • A laundry basket (The sad truth is that you’ll be doing laundry a lot)
  • Quarters! (duh for the laundry…Definitely not for a speedway slushie…unless…) 
  • Extra sheets/Pillowcases (not to sound like your legal guardian, but “ew! wash your sheets!”)
  • Silverware and plates (Your friend across the hall might be making guacamole.. you have to be prepared)



When you choose Welch you are also choosing Tennessee, and the crazy weather we have here. I have lived here my entire life and can go ahead and tell you that the winter coats you wanna bring will not be used until the middle of December. I can almost promise that we will be living in Summer heat until Halloween with maybe one snowstorm in September. Take my advice, and bring one light jacket, a rain jacket (add an umbrella while you’re at it.. It rains.. A LOT!), and one coat you can leave in the back of your car. It is all you will need.


While we’re on the topic of Winter clothes, it is a good idea to mention that you do not need your entire wardrobe and bathroom stuff. I am ashamed to admit that I am the queen of overpacking clothes (especially shoes!), but the truth is that you just won’t wear them all, and they will take up so much space. Bring your clothing essentials, 3 towels, and enough shoes to have a pair for any occasion you’ll encounter (Don’t forget your dress shoes!!!!).


If you have your Pinterest dorm board on another tab, you might want to click out for a minute. Sure, a boujee room will look super cute when you move-in, but no one tells you the struggles of taking it down. Plus all of those fluffy, fur throw pillows will end up on your floor. Keep it cute and simple. You can do a lot with a single tapestry and some pictures from home (Do not forget the lights!).

I hope I have made your packing life a little simpler. College is so much fun so don’t prepare by stressing over what to bring! At Welch, you are gonna make so many friends that if you forget something, there is a good chance your neighbor will have an extra. And if you need some shoes, there is an even better chance that I over-packed for the third year in a row! But if all else fails…there is always a Walmart down the street. Happy Packing!!!

Raygan Sellers Welch College in Gallatin, TN Blog Contributor

Raygan Sellers is a Junior at Welch College majoring in Humanities and works for the Enrollment Department as a Student Rep for prospective students.  She is active on campus displaying her theatrical and musical talents.  Raygan also serves as the Bronte Society President.

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