Are you an incoming freshman who is nervous about rooming with someone for the first time? Or are you rooming with someone who you have never met before and wonder how you will ever get along with them? Well then, I have some tips for you!

Hi, I’m Kelsey! I am currently a senior here at Welch studying Elementary Education. It feels like yesterday, I was packing up my bags getting ready to move into my new home with someone I had never met before! I was terrified, but I learned a lot of tips on how to get along with a roommate throughout these past few years.

Tip #1

Get to Know Your Roommate!

This is super important if you have never met the person you are rooming with before! However, it is also important for those of you who are rooming with your best friends! Even best friends will learn a lot more about each other while rooming together. Go out to eat with your roommate and ask some questions. What’s their favorite TV show? Favorite movie? Favorite snacks? What are they studying? Why did they choose Welch? Find the things that you have in common!

Another important one: share your testimonies! One thing that is cool about our school is that even if you feel like you have nothing in common with your roommate, there is always one thing. Your relationship and love for Christ! You don’t have to get super deep with them just yet, but tell them just a few ways God has worked in your life!

Tip #2

Address Certain Rules/Expectations

This is another important thing to discuss and find out about each other. You might have a roommate who is very picky about certain things, or you might have a roommate who is super chill. Ask them about their pet peeves or things they would like done. This is also your chance to explain things that you like a certain way! So, take advantage of this conversation. 

You can’t sleep unless it is completely dark in your room? Let your roommate know! Set a time for when you would like the lights to be off. 

Do you like things to be neat or do you not care if things get a bit messy? Let them know!

If your roommate has friends over (with masks on) and you don’t want them to sit on your bed? Let them know!

The list can go on! Just discuss and talk about it, but remember to be understanding and willing to compromise! Which leads us to the next point!

Tip #3

Be Understanding and Respectful

The Golden Rule folks! Treat people the way you want to be treated! Maybe you are a laid back person and your roommate is not. Be understanding of your roommate and respectful of his/her boundaries. You also might have to compromise every now and then (and that’s okay). Compromising is one of the things that will be a big factor in having a good relationship with your roommate! 

Your roommate has a test and the lobby is full of people, and they really need a space where they can have some light to see their notes. Let them turn on their lamp for the night or until they are done studying. (Invest in an eye mask! They can be life savers when you are trying to sleep and lights are on.)

Be kind to their stuff and be respectful. Don’t use their stuff unless they are okay with it. Remember that golden rule!

Tip #4


This is important in any relationship! Constantly communicate with each other about things that need to get done or things that are going on in your life.

This semester is going to be a weird one, your roommate is going to be someone that you are going to see a lot. So, if you get in a fight, talk it out! If you are going through something, let your roommate be there for you. 

Communication is also important when setting “chores.” One person takes out trash, one cleans the sink, one vacuums, etc. (This will be important when you have room checks!) Can’t do your chore because you are running late for class, communicate with your roommate! 

Tip #5

Love Them like Christ Would

Love each other like Christ would love each of you. At some time throughout the year it might get hard to even like them, but remember how Christ would want you to act and love. It is going to be a hard semester for all, so remember to be loving throughout all of this. 

Encourage each other! Help each other to get in the word! Help them stay accountable for their actions!

Overall, remember to be like Christ throughout this time of being a roommate. Minister to each other, love each other, and have fun this semester! 

Kelsey Horton is an elementary education major at Welch College in Gallatin, TN.  Kelsey served as a society president as well as an enrollment counselor at Welch College.  She plays an active role in planning social events on campus and manages the admissions Instagram Page.

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