Arts and Sciences

…contributing to and cultivating Christian culture…

Bring your creativity, love for learning and expand your vision and contribute to shaping the culture in this generation.

Welch College is committed to rigorous academics and the development of students as individuals. In all of our courses, we intentionally integrate faith with learning. We believe a person is best educated who has a basic knowledge of the Bible’s teachings.

The Department of Arts and Sciences aims to broaden and deepen the general education of all Welch students, to enhance their position as citizens and servants in the world, to cultivate Christian culture, and to develop refinement and social skills.

Any educated person, for example, needs to understand the forces that shape society. The Christian worker, whether in the secular workforce or in church ministry, can minister to people more effectively if they understand them.  Degrees within the Arts and Sciences department will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a leader in whatever field of study you chose.

Our faculty members are gifted scholars with specialties in a broad range of disciplines. They teach effectively and mentor students intentionally. Welch College graduates are admitted to top graduate schools, where they often receive advanced standing because of the depth of their undergraduate program and internships.

Our students enjoy excellent opportunities for hands-on work experience and internships while at Welch. Our graduates are serving as business leaders, psychologist, nurses, physical therapist, educators, professors and missionaries across the country and world.

“My time at Welch College gave me the academic training I needed
to be successful at both my job and the “real world” outside of the college walls.  Not only did I receive newfound knowledge and training in core subjects, but the college also provided theological training that has kept me grounded in my faith and allowed me to view the culture through a biblical worldview. More than anything, Welch College helped me see that my Christian faith is not just a part of my life; it IS my life, and the lens through which everything else is viewed.”

David Jones
Young Adult Editor at Randall House Publications | Class of 2007

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Faculty & Staff

Phillip Morgan, M.A.

Instructor of History Program Coordinator, History

Stephen Beck, Ed.D.

Instructor of Education Undergraduate Dean, Education

Gregory R. Fawbush, M.A.

Instructor of Exercise Science Program Coordinator, Exercise Science, Athletic Director, Men's Basketball Coach

Greg Ketteman, Ed.D.

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Professor of Education Graduate Dean of Education

Sarah J. Bracey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Program Coordinator, Psychology

Gary Turner

Teacher, Physical Education

Tina Tolbert

Speech, Freshman Coordinator

Frank Thornsbury

English (Program Coordinator)

Michael Oliver

Psychology Program Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Institutional Advancement

Rebecca W. Deel, D.A.

Professor of Business Program Coordinator, Business

J. Allan Crowson, M.B.A.

Instructor of Business Assistant Dean for Adult and Online Studies

Ian C. Hawkins, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology Chairman, Department of Arts and Sciences Program Coordinator, Biology

Matthew Steven Bracey, M.T.S., J.D.

Vice Provost for Academic Administration Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture

Jonathan Forlines, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students Associate Professor of Psychology