Worship Ministry

Develop a biblical philosophy of worship and gain the artistic skills necessary to be a leader of worship in the local church.

The Worship Ministry degree at Welch College is designed to engage students in the study of Christian worship.  This program assists students in developing a biblical philosophy of worship and in gaining the artistic skills necessary to be a leader of worship in the local church. Upon completion, you will be equipped with the skills to be a well-rounded musician and strong music ministry leader.

Welch College’s musical training is practical and broad – offering opportunities to develop performance skills in voice, piano, organ, guitar or other instruments as well as receiving a solid foundation in a wide variety of musical styles.

Program Details

38 hours of Arts and Sciences Core
46 hours of Theological Studies Core
23 hours of Music Core
17 hours of Worship Ministry Core

124 – Total credit hours

Sample Core Courses

MUS 4205. CHURCH MUSIC METHODS AND MATERIALS – This class introduces methods for developing adult, youth, and children’s choirs, including rehearsal techniques and vocal production for each, as well as an in-depth study of the graded music ministry program, including instrumental music. This class will also acquaint the student with musical and non-musical skills needed to successfully meet the needs of a music ministry position in a local church setting.

MUS 4304. CHORAL ARRANGING AND INSTRUMENTATION – Techniques of composition and arranging for various combinations of vocal groups and instrumental ensembles with emphasis on skillful and practical rearranging of existing literature for use by small, volunteer church groups. Includes an introduction to the use of notation software.

WMN 4205. MUSIC AND WORSHIP TECHNOLOGY – This is an introduction to the use of sound systems, recording equipment, and lighting systems for use in worship settings. To introduce notation software and other computer programs to assist and enhance the overall music program