Child Development and Learning (K-5)

Though the investment is demanding…there are few higher or more rewarding callings than that of teacher.

The Child Development and Learning program at Welch College will provide opportunities for you to get first hand teaching experience so that you will not have to wait till you graduate and get your first job to know what it takes to be a teacher.

We know that teaching is hands-on, and we believe that allowing you to practice your craft in real classrooms through local teaching opportunities, like Junior Achievement and student teaching, is the best way to prepare you to manage, teach and assess learners of different ages and learning styles.

To go along with your real-life training, you will gain a strong foundation in a variety teaching methods and theories from professors with decades of experience in the classroom. Our faculty is committed not only to equipping you with best practices of being a teacher, but also to helping you navigate today’s schools as a Christian professional.

This program will prepare you to teach with competence as a highly qualified teacher in an elementary school or kindergarten, whether in a Christian or public school.

Program Details

42 hours of Arts and Science Core
30 hours of Theological Studies
23 hours of Professional Education Core
29 hours of  Child Development and Learning

136 – Total credit hours

Sample Core Courses

EDU 2001. INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION – An introduction to teaching as a life work and profession, and guidance in determining the personal qualifications and professional training necessary in elementary and secondary schools.

PSY/EDU 2102. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY – Gives consideration to the learning experience in light of psychological findings, examining individual differences, hereditary and environmental factors, social characteristics, intelligence and testing. Emphasizes relationships between development and learning style, accommodating teaching strategies, and the use of technology in the learning environment. Includes a review of educational psychology in view of Biblical principles. 

EDU 2312/3312. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT – This course introduces various methods related to methods of guiding the behavior of young children and includes “best practice” techniques in classroom management. 

EDU 4800. ENHANCED STUDENT TEACHING – Involves the prospective teacher in the full operation of a classroom within the grade levels of their program. After a period of observing and assisting, the Student Teacher will assume full responsibility for the classroom under the guidance of the cooperating teacher. A full semester of student teaching in approved  in Christian, public, or private schools so that it includes two diverse assignments.

EDU 4847. ADVANCED RESEARCH IN EDUCATION – An advanced guided research study in education for the post-baccalaureate student, as approved by the faculty of the Teacher Education Department.  Supervised by an appropriate faculty member.  Requires a substantial research paper or application project. Involves regular meetings with the teacher-of-record, and where applicable, with other students engaged in like studies for sharing and exchanging ideas.  Students are encouraged to research or develop a research-based project related to their intended area of educational involvement.