Returning Student Application

Any student who has not been enrolled in residential courses for one semester or more is classified as a re-enrollee. Students who intend to re-enroll at Welch College follow a different procedure than do students who are continuously enrolled. Until all the following have been observed, a student will not be officially re-enrolled at the college.

  • Complete the Application for Readmission along with a $15 application fee. The Admissions Committee must approve all readmission applications.
  • A re-admit applicant who has attended other institutions since leaving Welch College must have an official academic transcript forwarded from EACH institution. These documents need to be received in the Enrollment Management Office at least 90 days before the semester begins. No readmission will be processed for a student during a term of academic suspension since leaving Welch College or any other school.
  • Re-enrollees who wish to return after a suspension, either academic or disciplinary, must meet items 1 and 2, as well as the following:
    • They must completely observe all the terms of the suspension.
    • No coursework taken during the term of the suspension will be transferred to Welch College.
    • Students must submit for approval a written plan for improvement to:
      • the Registrar, in the event of academic suspension, or
      • the Student Dean, in the event of disciplinary suspension
    • Re-enrollees may be required to meet any changes in the program or curriculum under which they were originally enrolled. (See the requirements of the Catalog under which you re-enroll.)

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Welch College does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, national and ethnic origin, age, or disability in admitting students or in otherwise administering its educational policies and school-sponsored programs.