Residence Life

Living in the dorm adds an exciting, practical, and important dimension to the college experience. Each student is given the opportunity to live with many other young people in close quarters, including a roommate. This will be a time for developing close friendships and for learning how to relate to others in the give-and-take of situations that college life brings. We at Welch College are committed to giving every student the tools for a successful journey through this college experience.

SpirituaLife Groups

Dorm students are assigned to SpirituaLife Groups, which meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Just as two words, joined into one, name these groups, the purpose of these groups is to minister to the spiritual needs of the whole person in a small group setting through prayer, devotions, testimonies, singing, praise, accountability, confronting, comforting, grieving, and support.

Peer Mentoring

The peer-mentoring program assigns a spiritually mature upperclassman to each freshman. The mentor makes contact with the new student the day that person moves on campus. Together, they meet each week during the first semester to give guided emotional support and instruction ranging from college academics, study hints, student resources, student wellness, time management, conflict resolution, and appropriate referrals.

On-Campus Dining

Welch College contracts its meals in the cafeteria to Pioneer College Caterers. Consult the college catalog for meal plan information for dorm and commuter students. Click on their name above to visit their website.

Contact Pioneer

Zach Randall
Food Service Director
Call: 615-675-5308