Spiritual Life

Educating leaders…through biblical thought and life.

As a community of faith and learning, Welch College emphasizes spiritual development as much as academic studies, and that is one of the special reasons students come here. Working together, the college community focuses on growing toward spiritual maturity (2 Peter. 3:18), not forgetting that spiritual growth requires prayer, worship, attention to the Word of God, and obedience to the Lord Jesus. At Welch College, there are various opportunities to nurture spiritual development: private devotions, daily chapel, church, Christian service, special conferences, and the activities of various student organizations.

Of course, no specified round of activities can by itself produce spiritual growth. Christians are far more concerned to develop the fruit of the Spirit than just to perform required duties. Even so, some kinds of discipline are helpful, if not necessary, to keep believers conscious of the needs of the spirit. The principles and policies given in this section have this as their purpose.

Personal Growth

Personal Devotions
Every Christian needs a consistent, personal devotional life. For any who have not already done so, college days are ideal for establishing this habit by setting aside a regular, daily time to read the Bible and pray. Welch College deliberately urges and instructs students about the importance of an intentional, meaningful, personal relationship to God the Father through prayer and the study of His Word.

Christian Service
Welch College deliberately intends to prepare all its students for leadership in Christian service as well as for life in general. The college conceives its mission to include the training of every student for Christian service, whether for a professional ministry or as laity (Ephesians. 4:12). Essential to that purpose is a weekly Christian Service requirement for students in areas such as nursing home visitation, conversation partners, preaching, teaching a Sunday School class, and visiting the Rescue Missions.

SpirituaLife Groups
Dorm students are assigned to SpirituaLife Groups, which meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Just as two words, joined into one, name these groups, the purpose of these groups is to minister to the spiritual needs of the whole person in a small group setting through prayer, devotions, testimonies, singing, praise, accountability, confronting, comforting, grieving, and support.

Sundays at Local Churches
Students attend local Sunday School and church services each Sunday as a Christian Service requirement. They are encouraged to plug into those churches as teachers, musicians, and caregivers.

Community Growth

Life at Welch College includes daily chapel and special meetings Monday-Friday, at 10:05 in the morning. The two primary purposes of chapel are worship and strong preaching from the Bible, with emphasis on participation. In addition to the participation of various members of the Welch College family, these services also feature pastors, and well-known Bible expositors, apologists, and leaders in the Christian community. Students are required to attend these services.

Missions Conference
In alternating years Welch College hosts its fall Missions Conference. In these conferences Christ’s Great Commission is reposited and explored, current trends and strategies for evangelism and church planting are explained, multicultural perspectives are explored, and the imperative of every attendee to examine their place in God’s global plan is expounded. Presenters in these meetings include Missions and Bible faculty, missionaries, and notable missiologists.

Bible Conference and Forum Training Seminars
Every spring Welch College presents focused and impactful plenary assemblies, breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, and worship services that highlight relevant and vital topics enabling and empowering students and church leaders to minister more effectively in this postmodern and culturally diverse nation.

Campus Church
Our campus pastor, Chris Talbot, partners with a team of student delegates to plan and lead services on campus for dorm students. Meeting every Wednesday night in Celorio Auditorium, these services emphasize student involvement. Through singing, testimonies, scripture reading, prayer, and preaching the goal is to build a stronger sense of Christian community.

Global Missions Fellowship
The Global Missions Fellowship is a student organization at Welch College that is committed to helping students find their role in global evangelization. It is composed of members who are seeking to serve God either in a cross-cultural capacity or by praying and sending others to cross-cultural fields. GMF sponsors Prayer Band daily to develop a praying interest and knowledge of worldwide missions.

Student-Led Chapels
Once a month the Student Body Executive Committee is asked by the President’s Office to host a Friday Chapel service. The service is led by the Student Body’s worship leader and chaplain. Focusing on the Student Body theme for that year, these leaders use peer-to-peer challenges to compel each other to walk in complete obedience to Christ and intentionally pursue higher levels of commitment to the cause and call of Christ by taking His good news to neighbors next door and to the ends of the earth.