Veteran Free Will Baptist missionary to India and humanitarian Carlisle Hanna (Welch College Class of 1952) was recently inducted into the “TICUA Hall of Fame,” according to President Matt Pinson.

“TICUA stands for the ‘Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association’ and represents the private accredited colleges and universities in the state,” Pinson said. “We’re so honored that they have selected Welch alumnus Carlisle Hanna for their Hall of Fame.”

TICUA Executive Director Claude Presnell said, “Tennessee’s Independent Colleges and Universities are home to some of our state’s most distinguished and impressive residents—from Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners to faith leaders, entrepreneurs, and elected officials.”

“The Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA) created the TICUA Hall of Fame to honor the distinguished alumni of its 35 member institutions while highlighting their contributions to our state, nation, and world. The honorees exemplify the value of the liberal arts education and how it can be used in a variety of career fields.”

The 2020 inductees can be viewed here.

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