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For the first time since 2007, fall enrollment numbers at Welch College rose two consecutive years, according to Provost Greg Ketteman. College administrators reported a five percent rise in student full-time-equivalency (FTE) to 235. Total enrollment statistics indicate 315 students from 22 states and five international countries enrolled for the fall semester. Rebounding from a nine-year low of 283 students in 2010, enrollment climbed to 290 in 2011 and increased another 8.6% to 315 in 2012.

The most significant enrollment rise came in two areas—the state of Tennessee and international students. The Tennessee student population jumped 40% from 95 in 2011 to 136 in 2012, while international students increased 20% from 46 to 57. The rise among international students is due in large part to the warm and growing Welch College partnerships in Cuba and Panama.

Dr. Ketteman said, “We may have turned the corner with student enrollment. Numbers are up for the second consecutive year.  Thank God for our students! They have a sense of optimism in spite of uncertainty about the national economy and world-wide political unrest. They’re serious about serving God, and we’re eager to prepare them for ministry in local churches, schools, medical and science fields, and the business community.”

At press time September 19, the college reported 157 dormitory students, 55 commuter students, 18 Adult Degree Program students, 74 Lifetime Learning students, and 17 Online students.  Almost one-third of the students are enrolled in ministry-related fields.

By classes, they include 40 seniors, 42 juniors, 77 sophomores, 80 freshmen, 57 non-degree/part-time students, and 19 special students.  There are 161 women and 154 men in the student body.  Enrollment personnel were pleased that in spite of a harsh economic climate, the number of new students (first-time-in-college and transfer) increased nine percent from last fall, while dormitory student numbers registered a slight increase with a 1.2% rise.

“Enrollment for our Adult Degree Program will continue through mid-semester,” Dr. Ketteman said.  “We are still enrolling new students, since enrollment takes place throughout the fall term due to multiple modules.  We project a total enrollment of 325 students for the fall term.”

By states, students number:

Alabama               12
Arkansas              13
California                4
Florida                    8
Georgia                  6
Illinois                     3
Indiana                   1
Kansas                   1
Kentucky                6
Louisiana               1
Michigan              13
Mississippi             7
Missouri                 7
North Carolina     17
Ohio                      8
South Carolina      4
South Dakota        1
Tennessee         136
Texas                    1
Virginia                  3
West Virginia         3
Wisconsin             1
International          57 (Canada, Cuba, France, Kazakhstan, Panama)

President Matt Pinson said, “This marks the first time the college has operated with a new name in 70 years. What a great way to launch the ‘Welch College’ era, with a five percent increase in FTE enrollment. We’re excited about relocation efforts as potential buyers inquire about purchasing our current campus. Expanding academic programs in pre-nursing and science, and our Online/Lifetime Learning outreach keep us focused on the denomination’s educational needs.”

To contact Welch College for more information: Email recruit@welch.edu or visit the college’s website at www.welch.edu.

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