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NASHVILLE, TN—The Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) met at the State Capitol November 15 – 18, and selected Welch College Student Body President Frank Thornsbury to receive its prestigious Carlisle Award. Sixty colleges and universities were represented at the model legislature which takes place annually and provides Tennessee college students an opportunity to learn about, and be involved in, the law-­?making processes of the state.

Frank Thornsbury, a graduating senior from Kentucky, led a four-person delegation from Welch College. This marks the second year this team has represented Welch College at TISL. Collin Lane, a sophomore from Arkansas, served as alternate senator. Sophomore Bethany Coats (South Dakota) and senior Daniel Coker (Mississippi) both served in the House of Representatives.

“Our students had a very successful session.” Thornsbury said. “We represented the conservative Christian values espoused by our campus. Although we as conservatives were in the minority, we were able to push through some excellent legislation and block bad legislation. We took that role seriously in that TISL bills have the potential to become actual legislation.”

The 2011 session saw TISL participants vote Frank Thornsbury “Best Senator.” This year, Thornsbury was given the oldest and most prestigious award TISL offers participants: the Carlisle Award, voted on by the executive council.

“Receiving the Carlisle Award was a bit of a surprise. Honestly, I went in focused on defending my ‘Best Senator’ title,” Thornsbury remarked. “I was honored to receive this prestigious award and grateful for the opportunity to represent Welch College in the process.”

Welch College Provost Greg Ketteman said, “The Carlisle Award is evidence of Mr. Thornsbury’s commitment to excellence. I commend Mr. Thornsbury and our other TISL representatives for their voluntary service and for exercising their right and responsibility to bring Christian principles to bear in the public arena.”

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