Light the Way

Every gift to the Welch Fund helps to provide the experience that is uniquely Welch College: Outstanding faculty members who teach and mentor students from a biblical worldview, world-class facilities for study and research, opportunities that encourage spiritual growth, service and leadership.

An education at Welch College changes the lives of the students who come here. It also changes the lives of the people they influence for years to come. Welch College students, alumni, and faculty carry the commitment to serve Christ beyond our campus, reaching people in our community, nation and the farthest points on the globe.

Who is a

Torchbearers are individuals or families who commit to become monthly donors through a bank draft or automated credit card gift of at least $25 per month. Torchbearer Club members are honored by the college by receiving a Welch College tee shirt, discounted admission to Flames athletic events, a special reception at the annual Bible Conference/Forum event, and an e-newsletter keeping them apprised of happenings in the college community.

Why monthly

Monthly giving allows you to give larger gifts than you might imagine. A $25 per month gift allows you to give $300 per year, $50 per month provides a $600 annual gift, and a monthly gift of $83.34 lets you make a $1000 per year contribution!

Every gift makes a difference.


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