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Dear Friend of Welch College,

I’m writing to tell you that we’ve formally submitted our application for a level change to our accrediting bodies so that we can offer the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Theology and Ministry at Welch College starting this spring semester sometime in January, February, or March, 2016. “Level change” means that we’re requesting permission to make the transition from being a bachelor’s degree-granting institution to a master’s degree-granting institution.

The main reason for this letter is to ask you to email our M.A. program coordinator Dr. Jeff Cockrell (jcockrell@welch.edu) if you (1) might be interested in enrolling in the M.A. program or (2) know someone who might be.

We believe our accrediting bodies will give us permission to begin offering the M.A. degree this coming Spring 2016 semester. The program will consist of hybrid courses, in which a portion of the coursework will be done online and the other portion in one-week on-campus intensive sessions.

Two courses will be offered at every week-long intensive. This means that those wishing to complete the M.A. in 16 months can do so by taking two courses at a time. Those who take only one course at a time will take twice as long to complete the degree. Our plan is to offer free campus lodging during the intensives. Generous financial aid will be available, including institutionally funded scholarships and federally guaranteed loans.

Right now, we’re provisionally enrolling our first cohort of individuals who want to be in the first class. If the program is approved for this January, we plan to begin with a day of meetings on campus January 5, 2016, which will consist of convocation and orientation for the program.

We plan for the first two courses to begin online on February 15 and go through April 15, with the on-campus intensive March 14-18. The first two courses will be Mission and Church Growth (taught by Dr. Barry Raper and Dr. Ron Callaway) and the Arminian Theological Tradition (taught by Dr. Kevin Hester and myself).

There’s a lot of excitement about this new program. Seats in this first cohort are limited, and students wishing to pursue the degree in sixteen months will receive priority seating. So I encourage you to inquire soon. If you or someone you know might be interested in starting with us next semester, please email Dr. Cockrell at jcockrell@welch.edu.

Please be in prayer for us as we initiate this new program. We believe the accrediting bodies will approve our starting the degree next semester, and we want you to pray with us to that end.

We look forward to hearing from you!

In Christ,

Matt Pinson


Course list for M.A. program:

  • Mission and Church Growth
  • The Arminian Theological Tradition
  • Issues in Old Testament Studies
  • Discovering and Communicating Biblical Truth
  • Summative Experience
  • Church and Culture
  • Ministry and Leadership I
  • Theological Foundations
  • History of Doctrine
  • Issues in New Testament Studies
  • Ministry and Leadership II
  • Summative Experience (Project/Thesis Due)

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