Ministry Scholarship Application

Fall 2020

All Pastoral Ministry or Youth and Family Ministry majors will be raised to the Presidential Honors level ($10,000) of the ACT/SAT/CLT scholarship. All additional scholarships may be stacked. If a ministry student already qualifies for the Presidential Honors level, an appeal may be submitted requesting additional scholarship money.

In order to qualify, students must:

  1. Complete the Ministry Scholarship application.
  2. Be approved by the Ministry Scholarship Committee.
  3. Receive a recommendation from a Free Will Baptist pastor.
  4. Be a new or transfer student for the fall 2020 semester.
  5. Major in Pastoral Ministry or Youth and Family Ministry.
  6. Be a member in good standing with a Free Will Baptist church.
  7. Possess a desire to seek eventual ordination in the Free Will Baptist Church.
    Check all that apply:

We’re here to help.

Daniel Webster
Director of Enrollment
(615) 675-5295

Christ Talbot
Youth and Family Ministry, Program Coordinator, Campus Pastor
(615) 675-5289

Dr. Barry Raper
Pastoral Ministry, Program Coordinator
(615) 675-5281