GALLATIN, TN—Welch College has enrolled 367 students from 25 states and two other countries for the 2017 fall semester, according to Provost Matthew McAffee, a near-8% increase from last year’s numbers. Enrollment statistics indicate a diverse student body with a wide range of academic interests.

“We are grateful for the Lord’s blessing on Welch College in granting us this increase in student enrollment,” McAffee said. “We have a wonderful group of gifted students who are ready to pursue God’s calling on their lives. My impression of this group of Welch students leads me to anticipate a great year of academic excellence and spiritual formation.”

Two of the most exciting developments are the number of new students and dormitory students enrolled this semester. College officials report 94 new students, an increase of 57%, and 194 dormitory students, a 12% increase over last year’s numbers.

At press time the college reported 194 dormitory students, 16 commuter students, 17 graduate students, 11 Enriched Adult Studies students, 58 Online/Lifetime Learning students, and 71 dual enrollment students. Officials set the fall semester 2017 full-time student equivalency (FTE) at 275.

By classification they include 90 Freshmen, 64 Sophomores, 42 Juniors, and 55 Seniors, as well as graduate, non-degree part-time, and dual enrollment students.

 By states, students number:

Alabama 15
Arizona 1
Arkansas 14
California 4
Colorado 1
Florida 14
Georgia 9
Illinois 13
Indiana 3
Kansas 1
Kentucky 2
Michigan 6
Mississippi 5
Missouri 14
North Carolina 26
Ohio 4
Oklahoma 6
Pennsylvania 1
Rhode Island 2
South Carolina 8
South Dakota 1
Tennessee 181
Texas 4
Virginia 8
West Virginia 1
International 23

President Matt Pinson said, “There’s nothing like the excitement of fall enrollment on the Welch campus. The dreams of graduating seniors combine with the energy of incoming freshmen to put a smile on every face. Our prayer is that not the increase in numbers but the Holy Spirit, by the power of His Word, will create an unparalleled zeal in our students this year.”

To contact Welch College for more information, email recruit@welch.edu or visit the college’s website at welch.edu.

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