The Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory conducted nationwide among national, four-year colleges ranked Welch College above the national averages in all but 6 of 45 measures of student satisfaction, according to President Matt Pinson. Some 88% of Welch students report that the college met their expectations for a college experience, with 67% reporting that the college exceeded their expectations (compared to 84% and 53% respectively at national, four-year colleges).

Dr. Pinson said, “The areas where we received our highest marks in comparison to other private colleges happen to be the areas we emphasize that distinguish Welch from other colleges and universities. These traits make our campus attractive to students and parents who desire excellent academics combined with a deep, personalized investment in the spiritual and academic life of each individual student.”

Asked if they were likely to enroll again if they had it to do over, 87% of Welch students surveyed responded “Yes” (compared to 73% of students at other national, four-year colleges).

The 10 areas where Welch received the highest marks when compared to other colleges and universities that participated in the survey were as follows:


Caring and helpful campus staff


Students made to feel welcome


Excellent personal academic advising


Excellent instruction in classes


Convenient registration


Administrators available to hear students’ concerns


Adequate library services


Fair and unbiased faculty in their treatment of individual students


Availability of sufficient courses in major


Residence hall staff concerned about me as an individual


Provost Greg Ketteman said, “We are always eager to participate in nationwide surveys like the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory, because it gives us a chance to see how Welch College compares with other four-year private colleges. This summary of the recent survey confirms just what we thought about Welch—the vast majority of our students believe they are getting what they came here to find, and our denominational constituency can be assured that Welch College is a name they can trust with tomorrow and with their children.”

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the survey as well as the 24% increase in dorm student enrollment,” President Pinson said. “There is a renewed sense of excitement on the campus of Welch College, and we believe the high marks on this survey, as well as the major increase in dorm student enrollment, are a testament to this.”

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