Dear Students,

I trust you’re doing well in these trying times. We miss you, and we’re praying for you. Daily, things change drastically with the Coronavirus pandemic. I appreciate your patience with us as we pivot quickly in response to government orders.

This afternoon, after the Special Committee on the Coronavirus emailed you, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee issued a stricter stay at home order, like that of at least thirty-seven other states, that prohibits leaving home except for “essential functions.” Thus the Special Committee has elected to change its decision and not allow exceptions for moving out and retrieving items from the dorms.

We have also consulted with Dr. McAffee about students who may have left textbooks in their dorm room. If you left a textbook or other item that you need for a course, please email Mrs. Terri Cockrell at tcockrell@welch.edu, and arrangements will be made to get you what you need.

When Craig Mahler of the Special Committee notified me of this recommendation this afternoon, I had been informed of the Governor’s new order, and I assured Mr. Mahler that I concurred with the committee’s recommendation. I also told him that our students would understand completely. We will update you as to when it will be possible for you to move your things out.

Students, you have been extraordinarily mature and understanding in this very difficult set of circumstances. I’m proud of you, as we all are. And we pray and look forward to having you back on the Welch campus as soon as possible.

The Lord bless you and keep you.


Matt Pinson

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