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February 15, 2013


Welch College Hosts 32 High School Seniors for Record-breaking Senior Days


NASHVILLE, TN—Thirty-two high school seniors, accompanied by parents and sponsors from 12 states, traveled to Nashville for Welch College’s spring semester Seniors Days, according to Debbie Mouser, director of enrollment services.  The Senior Days event, which takes place twice yearly, was held January 31 – February 1, and afforded students the opportunity to experience student life on the campus of Welch College. At 32 visiting students, this marks the highest attended Senior Days in the event’s history.

The 32 seniors represented Tennessee (8), North Carolina (6), Alabama (3), Arkansas (3), Oklahoma (3), Illinois (2), Mississippi (2), Louisiana (1), Michigan (1), Missouri (1), Ohio (1), and Texas (1).

Registration began at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday January 31, and the closing reception ended at 4:00 p.m. the next day. The twenty-four hours between were filled with events and sessions designed to give the visiting students a brief but informative look into life as a Welch College student. The schedule was brimming with classes, campus tours, breakfast with President Matt Pinson, and informative sessions addressing campus life, academics, and financial aid.

The visiting seniors were asked to fill out a survey highlighting their Senior Days experience. The scores given for all categories were up at this event, according to enrollment staff, with highest marks being given to faculty/staff and student hospitality (4.94/5 and 4.83/5, respectively). Several seniors commented, “It was a fun and informative experience,” and, “This was a great visit. I’m looking forward to attending Welch College this fall.”

Mrs. Mouser said, “It was exciting to have so many quality seniors on campus with us. We are looking forward to having many of them return in August as Welch students. I especially enjoyed getting to interact with parents as they help with the decision-making process. It’s a privilege to share the unique qualities of Welch College with these students and parents.”

Welch College will host its Spring Welcome Days April 18-20. Contact enrollment management at recruit@welch.edu for more information.

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