On October 28, over fifty early childhood educators from six area preschools met at Welch College for the first Early Childhood Educators Professional Development Seminar, according to William Slater, Dean of Enriched Adult Studies. The seminar, sponsored by the Enriched Adult Studies department, focused on Early Childhood Literacy.

The seminar began in a general session with speaker Bobbi Lussier, Executive Director, Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences at Middle Tennessee State University. Attendees then chose two of six breakout sessions whose speakers included Fran Gregory, Metro Public Schools; Diane Lytle, Preschool Director, Pleasant View Christian School; LaTrays Duplex, Preschool Teacher, Pleasant View Christian School; Shauna Williams, Adjunct Faculty, Welch College; and William Slater, Welch College.

“The response from the preschool teachers, staff, and administrators was overwhelmingly positive,” said Mr. Slater. “Our goal is to position Welch College as the epicenter of professional development for preschool programs in middle Tennessee, throughout the state, and in Free Will Baptist preschools nationally.”

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