Welch College President Matt Pinson will be speaking at the Radical Christian Scholarship Conference at Houston Baptist University on Friday, February 24, according to Josh Owens, director of Media and Marketing.

The conference is sponsored by The Transdisciplinary Group, a group of evangelical scholars convened by Dr. Eric Johnson, Lawrence and Charlotte Hoover Professor of Pastoral Care at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dr. Craig Bartholomew, H. Evan Runner Professor of philosophy at Redeemer University College, Ontario, Canada.

The Transdisciplinary Group and the Radical Christian Scholarship Conference aim to emphasize the way in which academic disciplines (or fields of study) should be transformed by the Christian worldview. “We are calling this project Radical Christian Scholarship because it goes to the root (radix) of each discipline and also Transdisciplinary Christian Scholarship because it requires the transformation of all the disciplines in accordance with Christian worldview assumptions,” said conference conveners.

In addition to Johnson and Bartholomew, the conference will feature noted evangelical scholars such as Leland Ryken, Andrew Pennington, C. Stephen Evans, Peter Leithart, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Mary Poplin.

Owens said, “President Pinson’s topic will be one of his favorites: mentoring young Christian scholars and students. Let’s be in prayer for him as he travels and presents at this conference.”

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