Welch College Press (WCP) has published a new book by Chris Talbot, Program Coordinator for Youth and Family Ministry at Welch College, according to WCP Managing Editor Matt Bracey.

Remodeling Youth Ministry: A Biblical Blueprint for Ministering to Students addresses the array of youth ministry models competing for the youth minister’s attention,” Bracey said. “Rather than dismissing all models of ministry, the book integrates a range of youth ministry models into a biblical foundation that’s sustainable for the future. Through Scripture-saturated analysis, Chris suggests renovations to youth ministry practices and offers advice for the future. Each chapter also provides readers with unique ‘Remodeling Tips’ from ministers currently serving youth and their families.”

In the book’s foreword, Cameron Cole, Chairman of Rooted and Editor of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry (Crossway), says: “Remodeling Youth Ministry will help youth pastors stand in the power of the gospel, the Word of God, and the truth of Christ as they seek to make a lasting difference in the lives of teenagers.” He continues, “We need repeated and clear reminding, which Talbot does well: Beneath all of the competing priorities is the central mission of forming a mature faith in young people so that they become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Bracey said, “I’m really excited about Remodeling Youth Ministry and thankful to Chris Talbot. He’s done an excellent job presenting vital ministry principles in a manner that’s down-to-earth and engaging, yet substantive and challenging.”

In addition to serving as Youth and Family Ministry Program Coordinator, Talbot serves as Campus Pastor at Welch and teaches courses in biblical and theological studies. He ministers as Pastor of Youth and Family at Sylvan Park Free Will Baptist Church, and he has spoken and written widely on youth and family ministry. He serves as Assistant Managing Editor for the D6 Family Ministry Journal, authored a chapter in The Promise of Arminian Theology (Randall House Academic), is a contributor to the Helwys Society Forum, and also writes for the youth ministry website Rooted.


Advance copies of Remodeling Youth Ministry can be purchased through the Welch College Press.

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