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The 2012 Theological Symposium will meet October 22-23 on the campus of Welch College in Nashville, Tennessee. The symposium begins at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 22, and will end at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23.

The symposium will be a time for presentation of papers and lively discussion of important issues facing the church today. This year’s program features nine papers on a variety of subjects. Three of the papers focus on specific areas of Jonathan Edwards’s theology: free will, effectual and ineffectual grace, and learning from the spirituality of Jonathan Edwards.  The Commission plans to publish the papers in a book.

For more information on the symposium, contact Commission chairman Matt Pinson (president@fwbbc.edu).

The symposium is an annual event sponsored by the Commission for Theological Integrity of the National Association of Free Will Baptists.

Theological Symposium Presenters and Papers

Aaron Baldridge: “Reclaiming the Church‘s Mission by Rediscovering Our Understanding of Covenant”

Keith Kenemer: “The Call to Christian Education”

Greg Ketteman: “Toward a Christian View of Sport”

Denny Kuhn: “Jonathan Edwards’s Theology of Free Will”

Thomas Marberry: “The Lucan Travel Narrative: A Journey into Discipleship”

Matthew McAffee: “The Old Testament Covenant Context of the Good Word and Its Significance for   Interpreting Hebrews 6:5”

Matt Pinson: “Effectual and Ineffectual Grace in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards”

Barry Raper: “Saints in the Hands of an Authentic Guide: Learning from the Spirituality of Jonathan Edwards”

Jackson Watts: “’In One Accord’: Bridging the Divide Between Doctrine and Practice”

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