Meredith Parrish, one of the first nursing students in the college’s collaborative program with Union University, has been elected to serve as the Middle Regional Director on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee State Board of Student Nurses, according to Welch president Matt Pinson.

“This is a great honor for Miss Parrish and for Welch. It symbolizes the success of our nursing program, especially the 2+2 program with Union University Hendersonville that leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing,” Pinson said. Parrish will serve as a liaison to students in local chapters of nursing programs in the Middle Tennessee area.

Dr. Ian Hawkins, Program Coordinator for the Nursing Education Collaborative at Welch, said, “It’s exciting to hear that one of our students in the first nursing cohort with Union has been chosen for this position during her initial semester in the program. This is a great honor.”

Welch College’s nursing program is a 2+2 collaborative that allows students to obtain an associate’s degree with a Pre-Nursing/Biology major at Welch before moving seamlessly into Union University, Belmont University, or Cumberland University to complete their bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Parrish is one of the first students who began the new partnership with Union University Hendersonville in August.

Dr. Charles Lea, Special Assistant to the President at Welch College, worked with each school to develop the collaborative agreement. “Union University Hendersonville has previously only provided adult degree nursing opportunities,” Lea said. “We are very excited to have an undergraduate cohort with them, and to see the success of their excellent, high-quality program demonstrated by the election of Meredith Parrish to this position.”

Miss Parrish stated, “I am thankful for Welch’s nursing partnership with Union, and the many opportunities it has provided.”

For more information on the nursing program at Welch College, contact Ian Hawkins at ihawkins@welch.edu.

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