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May 20, 2013


Welch President Writes Article on Carl Henry for Gospel Coalition


NASHVILLE, TN—On May 15, the Gospel Coalition published an article by Welch College President Matt Pinson entitled “Carl Henry: Not Just for Calvinists.” The article mentions longtime Free Will Baptist theologian and Welch College professor Leroy Forlines. “They wanted me to write an article on Carl F. H. Henry’s legacy for evangelical Christianity,” Pinson said. “But they wanted me to write it specifically from the vantage point of a conservative evangelical Arminian for their readers, of whom I assume most are Calvinists.”


The article can be found at: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2013/05/15/carl-henry-not-just-for-calvinists/


The article begins by saying, “I learned about Carl F. H. Henry at the feet of my mentor Leroy Forlines,” and goes on to say, “It was from my Arminian professor that I learned to love Henry, and that should be no surprise.”


The article follows on the heels of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Henry, founding editor of Christianity Today magazine and professor at numerous evangelical seminaries, whom Christianity Today senior editor Timothy George recently described as the man who “invented” twentieth-century American evangelicalism. In the article, Pinson interacts with Union University Professor Greg Thornbury’s new book Recovering Classic Evangelicalism: Applying the Wisdom and Vision of Carl F. H. Henry.


“I’m encouraging our young ministers at Welch College, who are increasingly concerned about the relationship of doctrine and cultural engagement, to read this book by Thornbury,” Pinson said. “Behind the evangelical headlines, there’s a mighty moving of the Holy Spirit, in our denomination and elsewhere, toward the recovery of classic evangelical Christian teaching and practice, and bringing about renewal by retrieving the riches of our heritage. Understanding the legacy of Carl Henry can aid in that.”

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