Welch College students walking through the Quad located on the Welch College campus in Gallatin, Tennessee

Welch College’s total annual enrollment totaled 489 for the 2019-20 academic year, marking the highest enrollment in 36 years, according to Provost Matthew McAffee. “We are thrilled by this headcount and believe it shows we’re gaining significant momentum in enrollment growth,” McAffee said.

Registrar Sharon Rodgers completed final enrollment statistics for the 2019-20 year, after registration for the third session for the Adult Studies programs was complete.

“The college’s highest annual enrollment was in 1981, with a total of 648; I’m thrilled to say we have exceeded our 1984 total enrollment of 467,” said Daniel Webster, Director of Enrollment Services, who has been closely monitoring the college’s enrollment history. “Over the past four years, we have seen a 43% increase in annual headcount, from 341 in 2016 to this year’s total of 489.”

“We’re so pleased to see this rebound in enrollment from our difficult years back in the Recession of 2008-09,” President Matt Pinson said. “With the dawn of this COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty and staff are rising up in amazing ways to meet this new challenge, and our students are responding wonderfully. While these are difficult times, we’re confident that God will see us through the days ahead.”

College officials credit the college’s relocation to its new campus in Gallatin, Tennessee, with much of the recent growth. “While the name change and new campus have contributed to this growth, the dedication and hard work of every person who plays a part in marketing, recruitment, and admissions for Welch College continues to amaze me,” added Webster.

For more information about Welch, visit welch.edu. To apply to be part of the fall 2020 class at Welch, email recruit@welch.edu.

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