By Meagan Fulcher

On November 15-18, a group of Welch College students participated in the 49th Assembly of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL). The group of seven included Kandace Ailworth, Ashley Floyd, Meagan Fulcher, Daniel Hubin, Micah McClintock, Seth Oliver, and Kullen Williams. Over sixty other colleges also sent representatives to the mock legislature.

These seven students represented Welch College well with four Representatives in the House, one Senator, one Alternate Senator, and one Lobbyist. The mock legislature at TISL was held at the Tennessee State Capitol. Students debated various bills and had an up-close experience of the political world.

Welch College was given one seat in the House and one seat in the Senate. The students alternated turns sitting in the seat on the floor during the sessions. While in the seat of either the House or the Senate, the students were able to speak and vote on diverse bills that different Tennessee colleges had proposed.

One of the bills many students found interesting was one that stated that the harmonica should be recognized as Tennessee’s State Instrument. This bill was heavily debated in the House and resulted in a failure to pass. On a more serious note, many of the bills proposed were very well put together and have the potential to positively impact the state of Tennessee.

The students had a meaningful experience—and a lot of fun—and were able to represent the Christian mission of Welch College positively.

For more information about TISL or about exploring law and politics through the lens of a Christian worldview at Welch College, email Frank Thornsbury (fthornsbury@welch.edu) or Phillip Morgan (pmorgan@welch.edu).

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