Dr. Matt Pinson (Welch) and Dr. Dub Oliver (Union) formalize Nursing Agreement on December 7, 2017

GALLATIN, TN—On Thursday, December 7, Welch College president Dr. Matt Pinson and Union University president Dr. Dub Oliver signed an agreement creating a new Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree, according to Dr. Greg Ketteman, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives. Go to welch.edu/nursing for more information.

“In August, President Pinson announced a collaborative relationship with three universities to address the increasing demand for nurses,” Ketteman said. “Belmont University, Cumberland University, and Union University have each agreed to create a seamless path for Welch College students to be admitted to their Schools of Nursing.”

According to Ketteman, in the new arrangement with Union, Welch freshmen will pursue an associate’s (A.S.) degree with a Pre-Nursing/Biology major at Welch. Students will be able to take advantage of the Tennessee Promise as well as other federal and Welch-based financial aid. These students will begin volunteering in a healthcare setting, primarily within the HighPoint Health System.

Upon completing the Welch A.S. degree, graduates will be able to transfer into the B.S.N. program at Union, living on the Welch campus and taking nursing courses at Union’s nearby Hendersonville campus. When appropriate, nursing students will participate in clinical education settings in Gallatin and Sumner County. Welch students will be mentored and advised throughout the four-year academic process.

Ketteman said, “One of the great things about this program is that it allows students entrance into a well-known B.S.N. program at a time when admission to such programs is very competitive. It also enables students to complete their B.S.N. at a significantly lower price than at most institutions, since the first two years will be a Welch, which has a significantly lower tuition rate than most private colleges, and the last two years will be at Union, which also has competitively priced tuition.”

He continued, “Welch is making a considerable investment in faculty, equipment, and instructional materials to make sure participants in this new program are well prepared and qualified for the rigors of nursing majors. Corporate sponsors and grant applications have been made to offset the start-up cost of this new educational initiative.”

HighPoint Health System has already contributed $25,000 to the initiative. Susan Peach, CEO of Sumner Regional Hospital, recently presented a gift to Welch for its new nursing collaborative. “My hope is that this partnership between these schools will fill the need for more nurses in the midstate,” Peach stated.

Contact Dr. Ian Hawkins (ihawkins@welch.edu) at Welch College for more information about this program. Welch College is located on a beautiful new campus in Gallatin on Bison Trail. To learn more, visit welch.edu/nursing or call 615.675.5225.

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