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The Apologetics of
Leroy Forlines


In The Apologetics of Leroy Forlines, J. Matthew Pinson brings together select writings of F. Leroy Forlines on apologetics and the knowledge of God. He begins the volume with a lengthy essay on the apologetics of the foremost systematic theologian of the modern Free Will Baptist Church and the contemporary Reformed Arminian movement.

“Most of my approach to apologetics has derived from conversations with Leroy Forlines. The word apologetics appears only a handful of times in his published writings. He tends more to use terms like epistemology, testing worldviews, metanarratives, and paradigms. As I began to encounter students who were interested in apologetics, I would talk to them about Forlines’s approach. Yet they were at a loss because he had never spelled out in detail, in one place, an approach to apologetics. So for some time I have wanted to write something on the apologetics of Leroy Forlines and to reprint and examine his writings on epistemology, worldview thinking, postmodernity, and secularism, distilling his basic approach to apologetics. This book and my essay herein represent a modest fulfillment of that goal.”

—J. Matthew Pinson

Sexuality, Gender and the Church

A Christian Response to the new cultural landscape.


Lots of Christians are asking questions about how to bear witness in the new cultural landscape regarding questions of sexuality, gender, and the definition of marriage: (1) What do Christians believe about sexuality, gender, and the definition of marriage, and why? How can we teach that to those under our spiritual care? (2) Should Christians actively engage public life and culture? If so, how? (3) What do I need to know about the legal, political, and religious liberty implications of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage to speak intelligently about them? (4) What are some first steps I can take to offer hope and healing to a friend or family member struggling with same-sex attraction? This book helps provide solid answers to those questions, for church leaders, small groups, Sunday schools, and students. This volume is useful for academic settings but is also ideal for ministers and laypeople who want to work through these issues in a local church setting such as a small group Bible study, a Sunday school series, or even a sermon series. The book provides a handy resource regarding sexuality, gender, and the definition of marriage for everyday Christians who have a deep interest in Christian cultural engagement. Our desire is to provide a step forward to help Christians respond to the cultural and legal changes we’re facing.

Remodeling Youth Ministry

A Biblical Blueprint for Ministering to Students


There is no shortage of youth ministry models. Take a look at the youth ministry section of your local Christian bookstore, and you’ll see youth ministry professionals supporting a wide array of them. For the youth worker, the virtual smorgasbord of options can be overwhelming. Which one should I pick? Which is the best for my students? Which is the most biblical?

In Remodeling Youth Ministry: A Biblical Blueprint for Ministering to Students, Christopher Talbot aims to integrate a range of youth ministry models. His book offers important foundations on which you can build your youth ministry as well as helpful corrections for the future. Recognizing that philosophies of youth ministry have been articulated as models of ministry, Talbot offers a remodel.

Remodeling is hard work. But now may be the time to remodel your structure of youth ministry with the blueprint of God’s Word. Instead of rebuilding the youth ministry house, Talbot proposes a remodel.