The Perfect Christmas Wishlist for College Students

Christmas time is the best time of the year! As children, we looked forward to Christmas morning and running to wake our parents up so that we could open our presents as fast as we could. Now, don’t lie: even though you are in college now this is still you, isn’t it? Come on, we are all broke college kids here, we’re suckers for free stuff. If you are a freshman in college, you might have noticed that your wish list to Santa is very different from when you were in high school. You basically have your own place now and you are living on your own. So, let me give you some tips on some things you might want to ask Santa for this year.

Also, don’t be afraid to share this to your parents to drop some hints. 

  1. An Alexa/Echo: This is one of my favorite things I have gotten for Christmas that I use all the time at college. Alexa can connect to your Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc. Alexa can be programmed to tell you the weather for the day, give you nice sleep sounds, help you with calculations, help answer questions and many other cool features. All you have to do is say her name and then say want you need/want. She is a lifesaver!
  2. A nice, insulated water bottle! An insulated water bottle is a lifesaver when you have classes all day and are craving some ice cold water. It is so much cheaper in the long run than buying plastic water bottles over and over again.
  3. A power bank: You might be like, “Kelsey, why do I need that? It’s not like I’ll be in class so long my battery will die.” True, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you might forget to charge your phone at night, and then you won’t have time to charge your phone till 1pm.  You might also be in a seat in your classes that isn’t near any outlets. Trust me, this is something you’ll want to have on you for those emergency situations.
  4. Coffee Maker: Now, I know Mrs. Karen has some good coffee over at West End, but do not spend all your money over there. You don’t have to ask for an expensive Keurig, there are other cheaper brands that still can use the k-cups. Nothing better than some freshly brewed coffee to wake you up for that 8am.
  5. A Fire TV Stick: A fire tv stick is a great gift to ask for. It hooks up by HDMI, so you can plug it into your laptop, tv, or projector and watch all of your favorite streaming channels. Worried you’re going to miss all the big games because you don’t have cable anymore? The fire stick has got you covered!
  6. Apple iPad and Pencil: Whoo, now this is a pricey one but it is so worth it. An iPad has a lot of cool apps that you can download that can help with coursework. I use an app called “GoodNotes” that allows me to keep all of my notes virtually. I can make different notebooks to keep all of my courses separate and easy to access. I use the Apple Pencil to take notes and it’s just like writing with paper, without the hassle of carrying around all those notebooks/binders.
  7. Electric Kettle: An electrical kettle is so great to have because you can use it for so many things. Need to make some ramen? Use your electric kettle. Need some caffeine? Make some piping hot tea. Want to try that new whipped coffee trend? Use that electric kettle! So on and so on!
  8. An ice maker: Now, this is something I never thought about when I started college, at least not until several weeks in. Most of your mini fridges are not going to have built in ice makers like your refrigerators at home. Trust me, you’ll want ice more than you realize. If you don’t use that much ice, ask for an ice cube tray (they work great too).
  9. A steamer: Here at Welch, we obviously have a very different dress code than other colleges. Boys and girls alike have to dress nicely every single day. A steamer will be a lifesaver when you take your favorite blouse out of the closet and it is all wrinkled. It is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to make your clothes wrinkle free.
  10. A foam mattress topper: Now, this is a real game changer in college. Get ready to turn that boring old twin mattress into a soft fluffy cloud. These mattress toppers really make it a lot easier to sleep in a different bed than your one at home. Be careful though, it might make you want to take more naps next semester.

There are so many different things that you should consider adding to your wish list that will make your college experience even better, and here are just a few! I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to check out all the other cool blog posts Welch has to offer!

written by Kelsey Horton

Are you Thornton’s or Speedway?

One of the greatest debates that has graced Welch college’s campus is which is better: Thorntons or Speedway. These are no mere gas stations. They fuel our late night study groups, pizza cravings, and are good places to meet up.


A Short Guide to Getting Along with Your Roommate

Are you an incoming freshman who is nervous about rooming with someone for the first time? Or are you rooming with someone who you have never met before and wonder how you will ever get along with them? Well then, I have some tips for you!

Hi, I’m Kelsey! I am currently a senior here at Welch studying Elementary Education. It feels like yesterday, I was packing up my bags getting ready to move into my new home with someone I had never met before! I was terrified, but I learned a lot of tips on how to get along with a roommate throughout these past few years.

Tip #1

Get to Know Your Roommate!

This is super important if you have never met the person you are rooming with before! However, it is also important for those of you who are rooming with your best friends! Even best friends will learn a lot more about each other while rooming together. Go out to eat with your roommate and ask some questions. What’s their favorite TV show? Favorite movie? Favorite snacks? What are they studying? Why did they choose Welch? Find the things that you have in common!

Another important one: share your testimonies! One thing that is cool about our school is that even if you feel like you have nothing in common with your roommate, there is always one thing. Your relationship and love for Christ! You don’t have to get super deep with them just yet, but tell them just a few ways God has worked in your life!

Tip #2

Address Certain Rules/Expectations

This is another important thing to discuss and find out about each other. You might have a roommate who is very picky about certain things, or you might have a roommate who is super chill. Ask them about their pet peeves or things they would like done. This is also your chance to explain things that you like a certain way! So, take advantage of this conversation. 

You can’t sleep unless it is completely dark in your room? Let your roommate know! Set a time for when you would like the lights to be off. 

Do you like things to be neat or do you not care if things get a bit messy? Let them know!

If your roommate has friends over (with masks on) and you don’t want them to sit on your bed? Let them know!

The list can go on! Just discuss and talk about it, but remember to be understanding and willing to compromise! Which leads us to the next point!

Tip #3

Be Understanding and Respectful

The Golden Rule folks! Treat people the way you want to be treated! Maybe you are a laid back person and your roommate is not. Be understanding of your roommate and respectful of his/her boundaries. You also might have to compromise every now and then (and that’s okay). Compromising is one of the things that will be a big factor in having a good relationship with your roommate! 

Your roommate has a test and the lobby is full of people, and they really need a space where they can have some light to see their notes. Let them turn on their lamp for the night or until they are done studying. (Invest in an eye mask! They can be life savers when you are trying to sleep and lights are on.)

Be kind to their stuff and be respectful. Don’t use their stuff unless they are okay with it. Remember that golden rule!

Tip #4


This is important in any relationship! Constantly communicate with each other about things that need to get done or things that are going on in your life.

This semester is going to be a weird one, your roommate is going to be someone that you are going to see a lot. So, if you get in a fight, talk it out! If you are going through something, let your roommate be there for you. 

Communication is also important when setting “chores.” One person takes out trash, one cleans the sink, one vacuums, etc. (This will be important when you have room checks!) Can’t do your chore because you are running late for class, communicate with your roommate! 

Tip #5

Love Them like Christ Would

Love each other like Christ would love each of you. At some time throughout the year it might get hard to even like them, but remember how Christ would want you to act and love. It is going to be a hard semester for all, so remember to be loving throughout all of this. 

Encourage each other! Help each other to get in the word! Help them stay accountable for their actions!

Overall, remember to be like Christ throughout this time of being a roommate. Minister to each other, love each other, and have fun this semester! 

Kelsey Horton is an elementary education major at Welch College in Gallatin, TN.  Kelsey served as a society president as well as an enrollment counselor at Welch College.  She plays an active role in planning social events on campus and manages the admissions Instagram Page.

The Best Places to Buy and Sell Textbooks

College is a big time of transition that can be nerve-racking for any student, but especially for freshmen who aren’t quite sure what to expect. Trying to decide which clothes to pack, picking out the perfect dorm decorations, and trying to make the most of the time before leaving home are just a few of the things that can stress out a soon-to-be college student. 

One thing that doesn’t have to be stressful is textbooks! There’s a common idea that textbooks are this super expensive part of college that simply can’t be avoided, but that’s only partly true. Books are a very necessary part of college life, but they don’t always have to be costly! Below are some methods that will help save money and time when it comes to ordering textbooks:


Amazon is probably the most commonplace for students to buy books, which is understandable because they have everything! It’s pretty simple: search for the book you’re looking for and see what’s available! You can either rent or buy textbooks from Amazon, and they also have an option to purchase/rent eTextbooks. Another great thing about Amazon is that they offer a free six-month Prime trial for all college students, which includes two-day shipping, access to their streaming service, and so much more. And, if you’re still interested in Prime when the trial ends, they offer an exclusive subscription at 50% off for the duration of your college career. 


Chegg is another popular place to get books. Almost every book on there is available for rent instead of purchase, and that alone saves tons of money in the long run! If you rent a book and decide to extend it, or even to purchase it, that can be done on Chegg’s website as well. You can also highlight your rentals, which makes studying so much easier! Whenever you’re done with the book, just grab a box and use Chegg’s prepaid shipping label to send it back. 


If Amazon or Chegg doesn’t work for you, CampusBooks is another great option. On this site, you can type in the name of the book you’re looking for, and it will show you upfront what condition the book is in (new, used, etc.), if it’s available for rent or not, the price of the book itself, the shipping price, if there are any coupons available, and the overall price of the book+shipping. It shows multiple bookstores that have the book in stock, so it’s easy to explore and find the best price for you. 

Other Students

Other students are a GREAT resource for purchasing textbooks! Selling/trading books is something that’s done a lot on Welch’s campus. When a student is done with a book or semester, they typically post the books they’re trying to get rid of so that other students have the opportunity to save some money!

If you’re an incoming freshman, or even a current student looking for books, talk to other students! Most people don’t actually care about the money aspect of it and are more interested in getting the material off their hands to free up space. Welch students share a lot of the same books regardless of major, so there’s a good chance that they already have a book you’re looking for, and will sell it to you for cheap or maybe even give it to you for free!

In terms of selling textbooks, all of the resources I mentioned earlier are good for that as well! My personal recommendation is to check with any current or incoming students to see if they need any of the books you have BEFORE selling them back through a website (mainly because you won’t have to possibly pay for shipping, and you can get the book off of your hands almost immediately). 

I hope this helps! If you’re a current student and have any other tips for textbooks, let us know! 

Kenae Briggs, Welch College, Gallatin, TN

Kenae Briggs is a Senior at Welch College majoring in Psychology.  Kenae has worked for the enrollment department throughout her time at Welch as a Student Rep and as a Summer Representative traveling to camps throughout the US. Kenae is an avid Welch Flames fan and can always be seen supporting her classmates.
Eating out near Welch College in Gallatin, TN, restaurants in Hendersonville, TN

A Guide to the “Hot Spots” Around Welch

For me, moving to a new college meant moving to a new community! I wanted to get plugged into the “local” way of life as soon as possible. I set out to find the best restaurants, coffee shops, and places to hang out. The best place to start is the Gallatin Square. It is super cute and filled with locally owned eateries and shops. The Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville is also a great place to shop or go to the movies. It is also home to the famous Brixx Pizza. 

As a freshman, you will want to find off-campus places to gather with your friends and classmates. Inviting someone to grab a cup of coffee is a wonderful first move to find and make new friends. Hendersonville offers more of the popular places that you know and love. From shopping to the movies, Hendersonville has you covered! This list is not exhaustive, but it will give you a great start to finding the “aesthetic” places to hang out in Gallatin and Hendersonville.


Swaney Swift’s is definitely a Welch favorite. Swaney’s is known for its monster-sized burgers and delicious house-made shakes!! 10/10

Lime Street Deli is a great locally owned deli in the Square. It is perfect for a light lunch with friends.  I loved the Fajita Hot Sandwich 😊 8/10

Filly’s is literally the coolest. It is a really fun place to stop in and hang out. They have a full arcade, pool table, and the most amazing Philly cheesesteaks. 9/10

Black Press Coffee Shop is the perfect place if you’re trying to feel extra hipster. It is a super great place to vibe or study with your pals. 9/10

No. 1 Chinese is a Welch favorite AND they have a door dash. The egg drop soup alone deserves a 10/10.

Top Hog BBQ is a little taste of home for this North Carolina girl. Their famous burgers, catfish, and BBQ have made them a hot spot in Gallatin. 7.5/10

Los Toritos is highly recommended by our culinary expert professors. I would trust them with my life but mainly with my food recommendations. Credit: Russell Houske, Chris Talbot, and Jesse Owens. 8/10

Mama’s Kitchen is homey and absolutely delicious! Their country cooking is just what the doctor ordered when you are getting a little homesick. One of my favorite places to eat!!!! 10/10

Casa Vieja is the typical choice for Sunday lunch and is always there with good deals and good salsa. Students debate whether Casa is overrated or not, but I think you will just have to figure that out for yourself. 11/10



Pie Five is kinda basic, but I still think it’s really good. If you find yourself at Pie 5 you MUST get the cinnamon twist. Trust me; this is a pro tip. 8/20

Koi Japanese Hibachi and Sushi has literally the best sushi around. They have a two roll deal that is reasonably priced and a great portion size. 10/10 would totally recommend it.

The Lost Cajun is the perfect place if you are looking for some gumbo. LOL that’s all. 7/10

Chicken Salad Chick is a great place to get a pick two deal. I go in and get the Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad Sandwich and a side of the Loaded Potato Soup. So yummy! 9.5/10

The Taco restaurants I would check out in Hendersonville are as follows in ranking from best to still amazing: 1. Blue Coast Burritos 2. El Trompo Tacos 3. La Fondita Taqueria (Mr. Houske top pick). 10/10, 9/10, 8/10

Slim Chickens is the biggest bro eatery. It is literally chicken tenders and fries; a must check out spot in Hendersonville. 10/10

First Watch is the place to be if you are feeling a little hipster. It has delicious Instagram-worthy meals, and from personal experience, I strongly recommend the chickichanga (Jesse Owens top pick)….trust me. 45/10

Kave Express is a great little drive-through coffee shop. If you are trying to rush back to class with a Cuban, this is the place for you. 7/10

Stompin Grounds is a personal favorite. It has a great environment to hang out and chat with friends or lounge around and read! Their Crème brûlée coffee is to die for! 30/10

I hope this is helpful, and remember, once you come to Welch you will find other places to hang out that can be added to your own list! As far as places to hang out, I love being in the parks surrounding the campus or driving out to Drake’s Creek. You should also check out the historical sites around like the Douglas Clark House, Historical Rock Castle, or drive out to the Hermitage if you’re feeling extra historical.

Sarah Benton, Welch College in Gallatin, TN Admissions Blog
Sarah Benton is a Junior at Welch College majoring in History and English and works for the Enrollment Department as a Student Rep for prospective students.  An active member of Student Council,  Sarah has organized multiple student events on campus and is very active on stage sharing her musical and acting talents.
Welch College in Gallatin, TN dorm room. A Packing Guide for College Freshmen

A Packing Guide for College Freshmen

Hey guys –  It’s Raygan here! I remember when I began packing for my freshman year at Welch, I was stressed out. I spent my days on YouTube and Pinterest just trying to figure out what I really needed to pack. However, It wasn’t until the end of my freshman year that I actually knew exactly what I needed. YouTube videos got a lot of it right, but I also found that there were many things I never actually needed and they just took up space. So if you’re wondering what you really need to pack – do not worry! I am going to share 3 things that I think every college student needs and 3 things that you should definitely leave at home!



Just an FYI, your clothes are gonna wrinkle…BAD! And yeah you could use a wrinkle spray or even pray the dryer works some magic on that business casual shirt, but I can promise you that you’ll need something stronger. I know a few people that brought actual ironing boards to campus, but ain’t no one got time or room for that. I had girls beating down my door to use my steamer. It’s cheap, small, and quick. 10/10 Dr. Pinsons recommend.


I know… you’re like “Raygan duh” but hear me out!! A lot of students wait until classes start to get their textbooks, but sometimes you’ll have reading assignments that same week (I know crazy right?). The stress of ordering books the week school starts is actually horrid; so here’s a tip for you to do a few weeks before school starts. After you register for classes (If you’ve pre-registered) go on Populi and see who your professors are. Once you’ve done that, send them a little sweet email (their email will be on Populi), and ask them what you’ll need for class! For starters, you can have your books before the first day, but more importantly, you’ll look like a good student early on *cough* teacher’s pet *cough* 


You are becoming an adult, and college is the first big step in your new independent journey! With being an adult, you need to be prepared for any situation you might encounter. So here are a few things you will definitely need to have on hand! 

  • A laundry basket (The sad truth is that you’ll be doing laundry a lot)
  • Quarters! (duh for the laundry…Definitely not for a speedway slushie…unless…) 
  • Extra sheets/Pillowcases (not to sound like your legal guardian, but “ew! wash your sheets!”)
  • Silverware and plates (Your friend across the hall might be making guacamole.. you have to be prepared)



When you choose Welch you are also choosing Tennessee, and the crazy weather we have here. I have lived here my entire life and can go ahead and tell you that the winter coats you wanna bring will not be used until the middle of December. I can almost promise that we will be living in Summer heat until Halloween with maybe one snowstorm in September. Take my advice, and bring one light jacket, a rain jacket (add an umbrella while you’re at it.. It rains.. A LOT!), and one coat you can leave in the back of your car. It is all you will need.


While we’re on the topic of Winter clothes, it is a good idea to mention that you do not need your entire wardrobe and bathroom stuff. I am ashamed to admit that I am the queen of overpacking clothes (especially shoes!), but the truth is that you just won’t wear them all, and they will take up so much space. Bring your clothing essentials, 3 towels, and enough shoes to have a pair for any occasion you’ll encounter (Don’t forget your dress shoes!!!!).


If you have your Pinterest dorm board on another tab, you might want to click out for a minute. Sure, a boujee room will look super cute when you move-in, but no one tells you the struggles of taking it down. Plus all of those fluffy, fur throw pillows will end up on your floor. Keep it cute and simple. You can do a lot with a single tapestry and some pictures from home (Do not forget the lights!).

I hope I have made your packing life a little simpler. College is so much fun so don’t prepare by stressing over what to bring! At Welch, you are gonna make so many friends that if you forget something, there is a good chance your neighbor will have an extra. And if you need some shoes, there is an even better chance that I over-packed for the third year in a row! But if all else fails…there is always a Walmart down the street. Happy Packing!!!

Raygan Sellers Welch College in Gallatin, TN Blog Contributor

Raygan Sellers is a Junior at Welch College majoring in Humanities and works for the Enrollment Department as a Student Rep for prospective students.  She is active on campus displaying her theatrical and musical talents.  Raygan also serves as the Bronte Society President.
| Welch College in Gallatin, TN Mental Health College Students

Keeping Up With Your Mental Health in College

College can be stressful. You’re beginning a new part of your life, quite possibly in a new town or state, and you’re still not quite sure how to adult yet. You start classes, find a job, build a social life, and suddenly, you’re stressed. There’s no way around it, but there are ways to decrease the amount of stress that comes your way. 


As an avid people pleaser, I struggle with this one a lot. No matter what is being asked of me, I have a hard time saying “no.” However, your ability to say it can help you minimize your stress at college. Now, I’m not telling you to say “no” to everything or to skip out on classes or work shifts, but I am saying that it’s alright to decline an invitation to a group hangout or to not take that extra shift at work. If I tell my friends that I’ll stay on campus and have some quiet time instead of going to the coffee shop or to a concert, they understand that I need to recharge. Everyone has limits, and sometimes that means stepping back and saying “no”. 


Even if you don’t have a busy class schedule, college can (and probably will) be overwhelming. You have homework, tests to study for, friends to hang out with, and a work shift to get to, and that’s not including all the extracurricular activities you might be a part of. Being involved is a lot of fun, but you also need to remember to take a breath and come to a stop, so find a piece of your day where you can sit down and do that. You can carry a book with you and read during a break in classes. You can color (or paint or draw) before you go to supper. If you’re super tired, you can take a nap. Most of the time, I will finish my day with quiet time by studying my Bible before bed. Whatever you decide to do and wherever you put it in your day, make sure you have a moment to breathe.


I know what you’re thinking: I’ve already created my class schedule, so I’m good. While having your class schedule already made is important, I’m talking about finding where each part of your life fits into your day. It’s quite possible that you’ll be juggling a lot of different things during the semester, and it’s important to find some kind of balance. This doesn’t necessarily mean creating a strict schedule (1:30 – Biology, 2:25 – Get ready for work, 2:38 – leave for work). Each day is going to look different, and each week won’t need the same schedule, so it’s important to be flexible with your schedule. I do recommend knowing what is expected in each part of your life and understanding the boundaries. Know when it’s time to pay attention in class and when it’s time to have fun. Understand that you might need more time for studying this week, but that there’ll be more free time to hang out with friends next week. Block off an hour after classes to take a nap, and then get ready for work. Find that balance, and juggling the different things won’t be as difficult or stressful.


They say it takes a village to raise a child. I’m here to tell you that it also takes a village to get through college. Whether you’re staying close to home or moving to a different state, finding your network of confidants is vital to ease your stress during the semester. They are going to be the ones that encourage you, celebrate with you, comfort you, and experience life with you. It’s quite possible that you will have different networks for different areas of your life (pals at work, study buddies in the same class as you, roommates and suitemates, the soccer team, your close friends, the musical cast); the more, the merrier!


You are a fresh adult, and making major life decisions is tough! I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to change your mind once, twice, or a thousand times. It’s okay to take general classes and choose your major later on, and it’s okay to switch majors because you’ve found a new interest in a different career. It’s okay to explore different extracurricular activities until you find something you’re good at and passionate about. It’s okay to try something you haven’t tried before. Go ahead and audition for the musical! Take trumpet lessons! Explore different career options! Find your passions, your interests, and your strengths by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

Hailey Boyer Welch College in Gallatin , TN Admissions Blog Contributor

Hailey Boyer is a senior at Welch College majoring in English.  Hailey works for the Enrollment Department as a Student Rep for prospective students.  On campus, you can find Hailey playing the piano or working on the stage getting things ready for the next production.

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