Program Outcome Reviews

Program Outcomes

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Degree or Certificate CIP Code
Spanish Language Certificate in Ministry Studies 39.0201
Associate Degrees
Associate of Arts 24.0101
Associate of Fine Arts in Music 50.0901
Associate of Arts: Teaching 13.1202
Associate of Arts: Biology 26.0101
Associate of Science: Business 52.0201
Associate of Arts: Business Technology 52.0216
Associate of Science: Early Childhood 13.121
Associate of Science: Ministry 39.0201
Associate of Science: Science for Pre-nursing 26.0101
Bachelor of Science Degrees
BS Theological Studies 39.0699
BS Theological Studies: Pastoral Ministry 39.0701
BS Theological Studies: Youth and Family Ministry 39.0702
BS Theological Studies: Worship Ministry 39.0501
BS Theological Studies: Educational Licensure 13.1205
BS General Christian Ministry 39.0201
BS Biology: Cell and Molecular Biology 26.0406
BS Biology Education 13.1205
BS Biology: Pre-Health Sciences 26.0406
BS Business: Business Administration
MBA preparation
International Business
BS English 13.1205
BS Physical Education 13.1314
BS Exercise Science 13.0501
With emphasis in Recreation Leadership
With emphasis in Sports Management
With emphasis in Human Performance
With emphasis in Phsyical Education 13.1314
BS History 13.1205
BS Psychology 42.0101
BS Music 50.0903
BS Music Education 13.1312
BS Early Childhood 13.121
BS Child Development and Learning 13.1202
BS Mathematics Education 13.1311
Bachelor of Arts Degrees
BA Theological Studies: Biblical Studies Track 39.0201
BA Theological Studies: Pastoral Ministry 39.0701
BA Theological Studies: Youth and Family Ministry 39.0201
BA Theological Studies: Intercultural Studies 39.0301
BA English 23.0101
BA History 54.0101
BA Humanities and Arts 24.0103
Master of Arts Degree
Master of Arts in Teaching 13.0101
Master of Arts in Teaching: Higher Education 13.9999
Master of Arts in Teaching: Special Education (Pending Approval) 13.1017
Master of Arts in Teaching: Instructional Leadership 13.0401
Master of Arts in Teaching: English Language Learning 13.0201
Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry 39.0701